Yesterday I got a glossy mag from QMS and on the back page it had a slogan that has been corrupted from the slang of American street walkers: "Wham Bam Thank You Lamb”.

This I find offensive, degrading, plain stupid! It does nothing to promote the sheep industry, so who was the smart Alick that came up with this? Was it the wise Solomon that chairs the group?

I have asked a number of crofters and farmers what is their thought about this type of promotion/Tommyrot. Thousands have been spent on this nonsense, and who has seen an increase in the price of lamb?

Can I ask the question what is the future of QMS? Has it become a monster that is difficult to control?

It is 12 years since poison pen Walker was ousted from its ranks. At the time his removal was hailed as a success, but the man has shown what good business is all about and he has done well for himself from the fat of the land.

I doubt that QMS will survive Brexit, as belts need to be tightened, and I doubt that farmers and crofters will pay added subscription, nor will the Scottish Government.

At one time the Scottish sheep, Cheviots and Blackface, were attractive to continental buyers, but alas now the Scottish sheep are more akin to what they have got in their own countries.

Angus A Macdonald,