LANARK AUCTION Mart is to hold an open day this week to show off its Northern Power Systems wind turbine.

The NPS 100 was installed to support Lawrie and Symington's’s business goal of securing a reliable, lower-cost energy supply – and the Open Day, on Tuesday May 16, will offer an opportunity for local businesses to learn more about how the mart has "taken control of its energy future".

“The reliable supply of cost-effective energy from the NPS wind turbine is good for business and coupled with environmental benefits it’s a power solution that makes sense,” said Lanark’s managing director Hamish McCall.

“Business owners have to contend with ever-changing circumstances and market volatility. Reliable, low-maintenance wind turbines can take unpredictability out of energy costs and help increase profitability.”

The mart operators chose the NPS turbine for its compact form, with its 37metre height making it a more "community-friendly" option than the wind turbines that have previously dominated installations in Scotland. Another advantage of the NPS 100 was its patented Permanent Magnetic Direct Drive, instead of a traditional gear box, which is often the point of breakdown and increased maintenance costs.

“More and more people demand that businesses be environmentally friendly and sustainable throughout the supply chain," said Mr McCall. "We’re proud to be part of Scotland’s journey toward decarbonised energy. Our wind turbine contributes to a reduction of carbon emissions from agriculture and food production and has negligible impact on the surrounding area. Users of our market facilities can be assured that they are participating in a business that cares for the Scottish environment.".

Around 80% of the power generated by the turbine is being used on-site, with the rest sold into the electricity grid.