Two Aberdeenshire dogs were in contention for first place at Lochbroom, until a run off gave Ian Wilkie’s Floss the edge over 15-year-old Joe McKenzie’s Tweedie.

The Cheviot gimmers ran well on a flat field, but proved harder to work with at the pen and shed.

Ian Wilkie’s Floss (M McNally’s Finn, I Wilkie’s Maid) managed the sheep well over the course, with little to fault her work until, as the packet was penned, one gimmer broke from the enclosure and Ian had to restart the job.

Joe McKenzie’s Tweedie (G Simpson’s Dell, W Davidson’s Tide) navigated the sheep steadily over the course, with no holes in the work, but minor points dropped over the course and the two runs finished on a par until the deciding re-run was called.

The Cheviot ewes at Carnwath ran well on an interesting course that saw the dogs run downhill onto a level where they crossed two ditches, uphill to collect their sheep and bring them back down, across two bridges and up to the handler.

The dogs found the combination well within their ability; most got their gates and the sheep proved co-operative at the pen.

John Foster’s Tay (C Dickson’s Jaff and Meg) needed the whistle to reach his sheep, worked impeccably after that and earned first place, with the also rans running very close behind.

Stuart Davidson’s Hope (C Davidson’s Cap, T Grove’s Phil) was in good form, taking first place at two consecutive trials, Skipness and Campbeltown.

The Skipness Blackface hill gimmers ran well on a flat course, and although some packets were light to handle and not enthusiastic about the pen, all competitors managed to complete their course.

Hope ran out well and although the gimmers went off line a little between the lift and the fetch, once aligned, they were on line for first place.

At Campbeltown, the Mule gimmers ran well on the flat course but they were unsettled at the top and anxious to break back to the holding pen.

Hope established his authority there and handled the sheep well on the course, losing only minor points over the piece and earned his second win in two days.

Leading awards:

Springhill (Judge: C Smart, Melrose). Open – 30 ran – 1, JB Foster’s Tay, Earlston, 98; 2, RB Henderson’s Skid, Heriot, 97.5; 3, J Robinson’s Jill, Coldingham, 95.5; 4, E Foster’s Moss, Brotherston, 94.5; 5, M Davidson’s Groesfaen Taff, Lilburn, 93.5; 6, P Howe’s Pip, Hawick, 93; 7, J Robinson’s Min, Coldingham, 92; 8, C Dickson’s Straid Star, Coldingham, 91.5.

Lochbroom (Judge: H Munro, Inverness). Open – 60 ran – 1, I Wilkie’s Floss Keithhall, 95 run-off; 2, J McKenzie’s Tweedie, Turriff, 95; 3, I MacDonald’s Zoe, Staffin, 94; 4, EC MacKinnon’s Midge, Lochcarron, 93; 5, I Sutherland’s Jimmy, Strathnaver, 92 outbye; 6, S Renwick’s Rocci, Inverbroom, 92; 7, J Lamont’s Craig, Portree, 90 outbye; 8, K Brehmer’s Cynfal Gwen, New Bythe, 90; 9, N Sutherland’s Nick, Strathnaver, 88 outbye; 10, J Sutherland’s Demi, Durness, 88. Novice – 1, S Banting’s Maid, Lochcarron; 2, N MacKenzie’s Ben, Durness.

Skipness (Judge: D Campbell, Strachur). Open – 60 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Hope, Sandbank, 94; 2, B Strachan’s Sam, Roybridge, 93 outbye; 3, R Middleton’s Jake, Dalry, 93; 4, AD Carnegie’s Linburn Rook, Comrie, 92; 5, N McVicar’s Mist, Benmore, 89 outbye; 6, A McCuish’s Moss, Skipness, 89; 7, M Magnusson’s Murphy, Mid Derry, 88 outbye; 8, C Davidson’s Cap, Sandbank, 88. Local – 1, A McCuish’s Moss, Skipness, 89; 2, P Clark’s Spot, Ronachan, 86; 3, A Ronald’s Robbie, Laggan, 74.

Carnwath (Judge: I Fergie, Straiton). Open – 40 ran – 1, W Todd’s Lad, Langholm, 93; 2, D Wallace’s Jen, Blyth Bridge, 90; 3, J Hastie’s Cree, Saline, 88; 4, D Wallace’s Boy, Blythbank, 87 outbye; 5, JA Common’s Cammen Roy, Lockerbie, 87; 6, JA Common’s Mac, Lockerbie, 86; 7, H Brown’s Pat, Coulter, 85 Outbye; 8, GC Gardner’s Moss, Lesmahagow, 85.

Largs (Judge: R Armour, Cumnock). Open – 38 ran – 1, N Gillon’s Shweep, Dailly, 92; 2, N Gillon’s Bhoy, Dailly, 89; 3, K Donald’s Bess, Dalrymple, 86; 4, M Condie’s Doon, New Cumnock, 84 outbye; 5, R Middleton’s Will, Neilston, 84; 6, W Welsh’s Cap, Dalmellington, 80. Local – 1, N Docherty’s Kinloch Quinn, Bute, 80; 2, R Howatson’s Joe, Fairlie, 76; 3, R Howatson’s Cliff, Fairlie, 60; 4, A McKirdy’s Jean, Kerrycroy, 50.

Campbeltown (Judge: R MacDiarmid, Cairndow). Open – 55 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Hope, Sandbank, 91; 2, J MacKillop’s Joe, Fort Augustus, 90; 3, AD Carnegie’s Linburn Rook, Comrie, 88; 4, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 87; 5, M MacNally’s Finn, Invergarry, 85; 6, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, Sandbank, 83 Outbye; 7, AD Carnegie’s Jess, Comrie, 83; Confined – 1, A McCuish’s Moss, Skipness, 82; 2, L Clark’s Mirk, Ronachan, 57; 3, A Ronald’s Robbie, Laggan, 54.

Welsh National – 1, A Driscoll’s Kinloch Pippi, 200/220 run-off; 2, K Evans’, Ace, 196 run-off; 3, L Evans’ Zac, 190; 4, R Ellis’ Spot, 194; 5, D Jenkins’ Moss, 188; 6, S Harden’s Cass, 188; 7, W Edwards’, Clwyd Fflei, 190; 8, G Owen’s Ben, 188; 9, A Lloyd Owen’s Glenys, 186; 10, P Tomkins’, Lyn, 190; 11, R Millichap’s, Sweep, 186; 12, G Jones’ Cap, 186; 13, N Watkins’ Tanhill Alex, 188; 14, B Davies’ Roy, 186; 15, A Owen’s Llangwm Cap, 184; reserve, A Williams’ Max, 188. Brace – 1, E Jones’, Jim and Joe, 198/280; 2, B McConnell’s Roy and Sky, 192.