For the second year in succession, a South Country Cheviot from Tim Elliot’s Hindhope flock, from Jedburgh, picked up the overall sheep championship at Holm Show, in the Scottish Borders. 
Judge Charlie Symons, Attonburn, awarded the top prize to the returning winner, with the reserve presented to the champion Blackface from Gordon Jackson, Blackburn, Newcastleton. 
Champion shepherd 25 years and under, was R Nixon, Blinkbonny, Newcastleton.

LEADING awards

South Country Cheviot (Judge: J Robertson, Becks Farm, Langholm). Champion – T Elliot, Hindhope, Jedburgh. Reserve – W Nixon, Cooms, Langholm. Aged ram, shearling ram, group, ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb – T Elliot. Ram lamb – WJ Flemming, Falnash Farm, Teviothead. Shepherd’s ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb – W Nixon.
Hill North Country Cheviot undressed (Judge: W Thomson, Hownam Grange, Kelso) Champion and reserve – G Cakebread, Commonside, Teviothead. Aged ram – D Nixon, Sorbietrees, Newcastleton. Shearling, ram lamb, ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb, mixed group – G Cakebread.
Blackface (Judge: JE Carruthers, Silloans, Rochester, Newcastle). Champion – G Jackson, Blackburn, Newcastleton. Reserve – E Kinghorn, Douglasdale, Blair Avenue, Jedburgh. Aged ram, shearling ram, male group, lamb, gimmer and ewe lamb shown by shepherd – J Anderson, Penchrise, Stobs, Hawick. Ram Lamb, ewe lamb, ewe lamb at foot – E Kinghorn. Ewe, gimmer, female group – G Jackson. Ewe lambs shown by shepherd – K Hedley, Ivy Cottage Hindhope, Jedburgh.
Greyface (Judge: W Watson, Sanders Close, Slaggyford, Brampton). Champion – Miss Z Hall, Horsleyhill Farm Cottage, Hawick. Ewe, gimmer, female group – R Fox, Windyhill, Hethersgill. Ewe lamb (ex Blackface), pair of ewe lambs (ex Blackface) – D and M Hope, Albierigg, Canonbie. Ewe lamb (ex Swale) – Miss Z Hall.
Blueface Leicester (Judge: W Watson, Sanders Close). Champion and reserve – J Nicholson, Old Police House, Roadhead. Aged ram – R Leach, Whintingstown, Roadhead. Shearling – W Ewart, Craig Farm, Langholm. Ram lamb, ewe, ewe lamb, group of three – J Nicholson. Gimmer – Miss Z Hall.
Continental other than Texel (Judge: H Woodmas, Harene, Linstock, Carlisle). Champion – D and M Hope, Albierigg, Canonbie. Aged ram – R Fox, Windyhill, Hethersgill. Shearling – Miss A Little, Hollands, Penton. Gimmer – D and M Hope. 
Texel (Judge: H Woodmass). Champion – G Wilson, Hawthornside, Bonchester Bridge. Reserve – A Sim and Miss E Blaylock, Hallburn, Longtown. Aged ram – R Fox, Windyhill, Hethersgill. Shearling, ewe, gimmer – G Wilson. Ram lamb – A Sim and Miss E Blaylock. Ewe lamb – G Cakebread, Commonside Teviothead.
Any other breed (Judge: R Hodson, White House Farm, Gamelsby). Champion – Miss B Stagg, Longrow, Canonbie. Aged ram, shearling, ram lamb, ewe lamb – Miss B Stagg. Ewe, gimmer –R Nixon, Blinkbonny, Newcastleton. 
Prime lambs (Judge: R Hodson). Champion – Miss A Little, Hollands, Penton. Hill breeds pair – D Nixon, Blinkbonny, Newcastleton. Lightweight lambs, mediumweight lambs, heavyweight lambs – Miss A Little. Cheviot lambs – D Nixon, Sorbietrees, Newcastleton. Blackface lambs, Greyface lambs – G McGimpsey, D’Mainholm Farm, Newcastleton.