Spring wheat growers have a new weed killer at their disposal this season – Dow AgroSciences' Broadway Star is now approved for use in the crop.

A co-formulation of the company’s long-standing actives pyroxsulam and florasulam, it is already a cornerstone of spray programmes in winter cereals.

Now spring growers will have a new option in the fight against yield-robbing broad-leaved weeds such as poppy, cleavers, brassica weeds, cranesbill, groundsel, speedwells and pansy. Importantly, it also has activity on spring germinating wild oats.

“Spring wheat has become a vital crop for growers who are trying to get on top of blackgrass and 85,000ha were planted in 2017 – nearly triple what went in the ground in the previous season," said Dr Alex Nichols, Dow's cereal herbicide product manager.

“They need a simplified and cost effective approach to weed control and now have the option of using one product to control the main yield robbers.”

The approval has come in time for applications from March 1 to May 31 from growth stages 21 to 32.

The maximum application rate is 200g/ha in spring wheat and it is safe on all varieties, regardless of when they were sown. An adjuvant must be used and applications should be made using a fine to medium spray quality.”