THE LATEST sprayer from Amazone is its UF 1602 mounted sprayer, which comes as ISOBUS compatible and has a nominal volume of 1600 litres.

It can come with Amazone’s Super-S2 booms, ranging from 15m to 30m and has a specifically shaped, polyurethane tank with a stable centre of gravity. Its smooth tank walls allow easy interior and exterior cleaning of the tank.

Spray mixing is carried out via the centralised SmartCenter operator centre, which is well protected from dirt and splash water, behind a hinged door on the left hand side of the machine. In also has a 60 litre induction bowl behind this door.

The optional Comfort-Pack comes with an automatic fill stop of both the suction hose filling and, if fitted, also that of the bowser fill port. During application, the agitation regulates itself automatically, depending on the tank level. As the fill level decreases, the agitation capacity reduces down eventually to a complete shut-off.

An auto-dynamic agitation control means that if a large application rate is required from the boom, the agitation capacity is regulated down and then, on the headland, as soon as all the nozzles are shut off, the agitation operates again at full capacity.

For extra capacity it can be twinned with the 1000-litre FT 1001 front tank, which can be completely integrated in the liquid circuit of the UF 1602.