Cover cropping, precision farming, overcoming grassweed resistance and using yield data effectively will feature in practical talks in Speakers’ Corner on Bayer Crop Science’s Cereals stand 527.

Kicking proceedings off at 11am on the first day will be Andrew Williamson, a farmer from Bridgnorth, in Shropshire, who will discuss: ‘How to make precision farming pay’. He undertook a Nuffield Scholarship studying precision farming in 2013 and has been putting his findings into practice on his farm ever since.

Next up will be Yorkshire farmer, Richard Bramley, at 11.45am, who will be speaking about ‘The benefits of cover cropping and their role in climate change mitigation and adaptation’. He farms around 200ha south of York and has been growing cover crops since 2008. With a lot of focus on what cover crops can do, Richard will give his view on the benefits he has found.

Gordon Anderson-Taylor, the herbicides development manager for Bayer, will be in Speakers Corner at 2pm on Wednesday, and again to kick off the Thursday talks at 11am, laying down what the recent discovery of insensitivity to key herbicide active flufenacet in a small number of black-grass populations, and resistance in some rye-grass populations really means for growers.

Finally, Farmplan’s Ben Hatton will follow on Thursday at 11.45am with ‘Getting more from your yield data’ – who will share his experience in making use of all the data collected from the combine and what meaningful management decisions can help improve the bottom line in future seasons.