Kverneland's latest high-capacity trailed, the DG II, is available in 9m and 12m working widths – lending itself to controlled traffic systems. Using the proven double-disc CD coulter, the 9m unit gets 72 coulters, while the 12m version has 96 coulters. Both are at 12.5cm row spacings. Key improvements include a more stable folding mechanism and weight transfer system down to a 3m width and 4m height, making road capability now 40kph. This also makes it easier to operate the DG II with much smaller, lighter tractors, typically, 200-250hp. A new toolbar feature, Active-on, balances and maintains pressure, both laterally and longitudinally across the full working width of the DG’s coulter bar to improve seed placement depth, while delivering up to 80kg of coulter pressure. The ISOBUS-controlled drill offers dual ELDOS electrically driven seed metering units to feed each half of the drill from the grain-only 6000-litre seed hopper. Seed rates are from two to 320kg/ha, and include variable seed rate control. Options include a hydraulically adjustable clod board and a 12mm finger tine harrow in place of the standard S-tine following harrow. LED lighting, dual track eradicators, seed flow monitoring system and hydraulic bout markers are also available. The Kverneland DG II is priced from £90,347