The ‘double-shoot’ system is being introduced to Amazone’s new Cirrus-CC seed drills – this allows placement of two different materials.

Its new conveying system on the Cirrus-CC features a 4000-litre pressurised tank with two electric metering units but, in addition to the single-shoot system on the Cirrus-C, the CC is equipped with a second conveying line and the additional FerTeC single disc coulters in front of the tyre packer.

This means that two different materials can be sown at different seed rates and placed in individual seed furrows.

This means that the following combinations are possible:

  • Sowing of just one seed variety via the RoTeC pro or TwinTeC+ coulters;
  • Sowing seed and fertiliser (or a second crop) in the same seed furrow via the single-shoot system;
  • Sowing seed and fertiliser (or a second crop) in two different seed furrows utilising double-shoot mode;
  • A combination of both modes.

Due to the alternative placement position, for instance, significantly larger amounts of fertiliser can be applied in addition to the seed, especially in areas where there is a short growing season and where there is a higher water deficit, said Amazone.

The possibility of combining the fertiliser application in both types means that, for instance, a small amount of fertiliser can be placed directly with the grain, while a larger amount can be placed by coulters to the side and underneath the seed row to avoid ‘burning’.

Using the FerTeC coulters, a mix of seed sizes can be established significantly easier. Using this, fine seeds can be kept separate from coarser seeds and light dependent germinating seeds can effectively be sown separately at different placement depths from darkness dependent germinating seeds.

The double seed tanks’ two metering units can be calibrated the optional TwinTerminal 3.0, with application rates from the two metering units clearly displayed on the ISOBUS terminal. Drivers can also make changes to seed rates on the go.