Post-harvest shallow stubble cultivation is a key area for quickly germinating weeds and volunteers so that they can be controlled prior to the next crop going in.

Pottinger says it has created the right tools for that job in the Synkro and Terradisc cultivators which were seen at the recent Tillage event.

And, as well as creating germination for chemical control, shallow cultivation work also works with mechanical weed control methods.

The Terradisc machine is a compact low draft disc harrow which cuts through harvest residues without clogging and at the ideal working depth of 3-4cm, which can be adjusted according to the volume of straw.

The two or three row Synkro stubble cultivators are an alternative to the compact discs. These have a better mixing effect, due to an ability to adjust the height and angle of the wings to ensure optimum soil penetration and perfect working results.

For stubble cultivation, Pöttinger recommends its knife ring or Conoroll rear rollers, which optimally consolidate the mixture of soil and straw, but standardised mounts mean that other rollers – rotopack, cage roller, double bar cage roller or pack ring roller – can be added quickly to both the Synkro or Terradisc.

Both of these cultivators can also be used with the Tegosem catch crop sowing unit for OSR or cover crops.