On show at the recent Tillage event was the Field Profi tined cultivator, which is new to the range of machines Abrey Agricultural imports into the UK on behalf of leading German manufacturer, Ziegler.

The fairly simple Field Profi cultivators are available in 3m and 4m working widths and can work at anything from 8cm to 38cm deep (3-12 inches), performing everything from a shallow, chitting pass to a deep restructuring operation. They typically require 125hp-160hp tractor power.

The cultivating tines (10 on the 3m model; 13 on the 4m version) are set on bars 80cm apart and at 34 spacings across the machine. Allied to an 86cm under frame clearance, this allows of high trash flow and enables the machine to handle big volumes and growing vegetation.

Main depth adjustment is made hydraulically, though smaller adjustments can be enacted via shims applied to the hydraulic cylinders. The implement’s rear roller sets and maintains even working depth.

Tines are protected against damage by a shear bolt and have a trip force of 560 kg, being able to trip upwards by 20cm to avoid large stones and other obstructions.

A range of points and wings are available, with carbide coating being offered to extend working life and proving particularly valuable in stony soils and hard working conditions. A ‘quick change’ system enables operators to switch between different points.

Behind the tines, a set of levelling discs help level the seedbed and distribute surface trash. These are fitted with maintenance-free SKF bearings and are individually adjustable and fully protected against shock loads.

Ziegler offers six different designs of rear roller to provide effective consolidation. They are a cage roller; roof ring roller; u-beam; double u-beam; steel ring and spring balance, and a rear harrow can be fitted to finish the seedbed.

They can be fitted with an APU seeding kit for sowing oilseed rape or cover crops, with the control system matching the seed supply to the cultivator’s forward speed, so the seeding rate is always consistent.

Ziegler is based at Pottmes, in Bavaria, and manufactures a range of disc and tined cultivators, Cambridge rolls and liquid manure tankers under its Ziegler Cultivation brand. Its UK distributor, Abrey, is based at Saffron Walden, Essex.