CLUBROOT resistance is becoming a 'must have' feature for oilseed rape varieties, especially in some parts of Scotland, and this has been recognised in the RLs.

LSPB's take on it is the clubroot resistant Crome, which has been joined by the newly-listed and also resistant, Croozer – which doubles that up with the highest stem canker resistance score. Resort is the company’s newly-listed HEAR (high erucic acid) variety.

Theo Labuda, LSPB’s managing director, commented: “Along with good rotations, oilseed rape growers on land in clubroot risk areas are advised to grow resistant varieties to counter the increasing threat of clubroot, which can cut rapeseed yields by up to 50%. The new RL highlights the important place occupied by our resistant varieties.

“Mentor was for long the only variety on the RL bringing growers clubroot resistance. It was succeeded by Crome last year with increased yields and is now joined by Croozer with the highest phoma resistance (9) as an additional benefit.

“LSPB’s variety Wembley is no longer on the RL, but still has a value with growers for its consistency in yield. It is is an early flowering restored hybrid with a high resistance to lodging, combined with good stem stiffness at maturity, added to high light leaf spot resistance,” he pointed out.