A new online nematicide training resource is up and running and farmers are being warned that registering for this is now a requirement to meet Red Tractor standards.

With nematodes being a particular threat to potato growers in Scotland, the resource is also available for sugar beet, carrot and parsnip growers who apply granular nematicides.

Patrick Mitton, chair of the Nematicide Stewardship Programme (NSP) – which was set up to provide stewardship of the safe use of nematicides – said the new, streamlined training resource produced by ARTIS, the NIAB training platform, to offer straightforward stewardship guidance on the safe use of granular nematicides.

“The training takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is in a one stop, easy to use module which includes information and questions to complete. Once finished, it is possible to print a certificate, ready for a Red Tractor audit,” he said.

The training covers the full NSP best practice protocol, including how to protect the operator, the checking and calibrating of the applicator and protecting the environment and wildlife, during and post application.

Applying granular nematicides in line with the NSP best practice protocol became part of the audited Red Tractor standards for fresh produce, combinable crops and sugar beet standards in October, 2019. Completion of the online training will form one of the key measurables to show compliance with the standard. There are also BASIS points available upon completion of the module.

  • The training can be accessed online: http://nspstewardship.co.uk/