Discounts of up to £5000 are available on new Kuhn sprayer purchases for the 2020 season as long as precision equipment options are included.

Applying to Kuhn’s Deltis 2 and Altis 2 mounted sprayers and all trailed models, the discount scheme is triggered when three or more precision features are ordered on new machines.

Eligible features include the new Autospray droplet control feature, plus GPS section control, automated filling and rinsing, Boom Assist automatic boom height control, nozzle by nozzle shut-off, automated steering axles and working lights.

The scheme works on a sliding scale, with three precision features triggering a discount of £1000. Thereafter, each additional precision feature adds a further £1000 up to a maximum discount of £5000 when seven features are included. Contact your local dealer for more info.

Kuhn has also launched an advanced version of its top-of-the-range orchard sprayer, offering fruit growers improved coverage and penetration when applying crop protection products.

The Antis 2 trailed mist sprayer, specifically designed for applying crop protection chemicals in orchards and vineyards, is available in three tank sizes of 1000, 1500 and 2000 litres. Each version can be used with either a round or v-shaped mist blower, both of which use an inverted suction turbine to provide accurate mist coverage.

With the latest Antis 2 model, greater flexibility in nozzle placement is possible through vertical adjustment, with a maximum 26 jets possible. Other improvements on earlier models include the addition of a chemical induction hopper and improved visibility of tank level and pressure gauges from the tractor cab.

On the latest model, the inverted air intake is positioned at the front of the machine to minimise the recirculation of sprayed products. Its location towards the front of the sprayer also prevents the pick-up of debris and foreign objects which can reduce efficiency.

Spraying functions are controlled via an in-cab control panel, with an optional DPAE Bravo regulator enabling operators to continuously adjust the flowrate according to forward speed, and to operate left/right section control functions.

An optional Cat I and Cat II articulated/pivoting drawbar, which is fitted as standard with a wide-angle driveshaft for improved reliability, enables easier turning on the shortest headlands. Other options include a stainless steel mixing sieve, stainless steel bottle rinser and low pressure wheels and tyres.