New technology often means that it can be hard to visualise what it actually looks like and what it does.

But at Cereals LIVE next week (June 10 and 11) in its virtual on-line show, organisers hope to demonstrate such innovation in an understandable way as there is nothing quite like seeing tech in action to understand how it works and how it can be beneficial on farm.

It will showcase everything from state-of-the-art robotics, to autonomous tractors and electronic weeding in the Innovation and Tech Demo ring. Pictured are the team behind the Small Robot Company who will demonstrate its robot weed mapping service, launched in November, 2019.

Hailed as a technical milestone, it is the world’s first service for individual plant mapping at broad-acre scale and provide farmers with a per-plant view of their fields. Delivered using its robust commercial robot Tom, it can cover 20 ha per day autonomously and can distinguish plant details at sub-millimetre resolution, with less than 1mm per pixel resolution on the ground