As the number of farmers trialling Bayer’s digital platform, Climate FieldView, increases, the company has added additional resource to its team.

Bayer launched a free trial of its system in April and with farmers still able to sign up until December 31, the company has recruited Alex McIntosh in a customer facing role. The purpose is to help growers optimise its use for improved strategic and tactical decision-making, as well as the configuration and set up process, it said.

Bayer’s Max Dafforn says it was important to make the most of what digital technology can offer. “We know from talking to farmers that many have lots of data but applying that to improve decision making doesn’t always follow.

"We want to make sure that those trialling Climate FieldView realise the capability of the platform to bring all their data together and then allow them to translate that into farm management decisions,” he said.

“Setting it up isn’t the arduous task many believe, with Climate FieldView you only need to connect the drive into the combine, or tractor and have an iPad. With additional support resource in place we’ll be able to answer any queries promptly, including on-farm support,” he concluded.