For the second year in succession, Limagrain UK’s oilseed rape varieties have led the AHDB Recommended List for the crop.

All of the top six yielding oilseed rape varieties on this year’s RL have come from the breeders stable, reinforcing the success of its ‘trait loading’ approach in providing UK growers with varieties that are robust and deliver consistently across seasons and regions.

Two have joined these top six on the list for the first time – LG Aviron and LG Antigua.

The hybrid LG Aviron gained UK-wide recommendation with an extremely high gross output of 108% over control. It shared this top position with stable mate Ambassador, which has held onto its high yield for a second season.

“Trait loading of our varieties means that LG Aviron offers the N-Flex trait unique to Limagrain’s oilseed rape varieties, as well as resistance to pod shatter, TuYV and RLM 7,” said Will Charlton, Limagrain’s oilseed rape product manager.

“The N-Flex trait is a relatively new trait launched in our hybrids last year offering a step forward in the way that oilseed rape varieties minimise yield loses in sub-optimal N conditions.”

“Ambassador and LG Aviron, the two highest yielding varieties on the RL, possess this trait; and have demonstrated their robustness and resilience in what was a challenging season for oilseed rape.”

Gaining recommendation for the East/West regions with an extremely high gross output of 109% of control and 108% for across the UK, LG Antigua is the second fully loaded hybrid to join the top six.

“LG Antigua offers a comprehensive genetic traits package – combining TuYV, pod shatter and RLM7 resistance and good disease resistance. The variety has excellent plant vigour characteristics in both the autumn and spring, and offers the earliest maturity available on the RL which is a valuable trait on farm," pointed out Mr Charlton.