Ahead of oilseed rape drilling, BASIS-qualified growers and advisers can brush up on their slug control skills with the new online Integrated Slug Control and Slug Pellet Application training module, which is worth two CPD points.

To create the module, BASIS teamed up with Certis Belchim as the subject matter expert, with the aim of keeping growers up to date on best practice.

BASIS chief executive, Stephen Jacob, said: “The practical approach to IPM and pellet application in their course materials brings the subject to life and gives a very visual update ahead of crop establishment this autumn.”

The module begins with understanding of the pest; key species, lifecycle, and where and when risk of damage to various arable crops might occur.

It goes on to explain differences in ferric phosphate slug pellet formulations and sizes and why pellet choice is important both for efficacy and accuracy of application.

This includes knowing the ballistic limits of the various pellet products and the spread width capability of the farm’s applicator and not trying to push beyond those limits.

Certis Belchim technical specialist, Harry Raley, added: “An example would be moving from a ‘mini’ ferric phosphate pellet like Menorexx to a standard sized product like Sluxx HP.

“Using Certis Belchim’s Calibration Wizard online tool, this is a quick and easy process, as operators can simply type in the applicator model, product and target spread width and rate. It then gives you the right disc speed, aperture setting and appropriate forward speed to apply the product accurately.”

The module is now live and can be found by logging in to the BASIS Classroom dashboard and viewing its featured courses.