KWS' barley breeder, David Harrap, talks us through the newly Recommended winter barleys, Funky and Cresswell.

"At 107% of controls, Funky is the highest yielding in-bred six-row to be added to the 2017-18 Recommended List and is just 2% behind the highest-yielding hybrid.

“Funky is a compelling variety proposition. At 113% of controls, its untreated yield matches the best of the hybrids, while it has better specific weight and all-round disease resistance. A 7 for rhynchosporium and a 6 for net blotch, along with its BaYMV resistance and early maturity, further underlines its credentials as a strong variety.

“It does well across all regions and soil types, has demonstrated stiff straw and is quicker to reach ear emergence than its two-row counterparts, such as KWS Tower,” he added.

“KWS Creswell has been added to the RL for the north where it is the highest yielding two-row at 106% of controls, 2% higher yielding than any other two row. With its higher yield, it is a step on from KWS Glacier and has better disease resistance, especially to mildew, net blotch and rhynchosporium."