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Warm weather brings with it an earlier harvest

We have had some extremely hot, dry, and sunny weather recently and this is set to continue for the next week or so which will bring on harvest a bit more quickly than thought a few weeks ago.

Some reasons to be cheerful as wheat hits £190 per tonne

As 2020 works its way through the last quarter at the end of summer time, daylight hours recede, the nights get longer and with Covid-19 looking set to be with us for some time to come and Brexit issues looming, there does not seem to be a lot to look forward to in the next few months.

Topsy turvy year for grain yields

As the 2020 cereal harvest draws to a close in some areas of the UK, farmers, merchants and analysts try to draw some conclusions as to how the harvest season has fared in order to try and make some calculated decisions for the 2021 harvest.

Soya and maize supplies will tune the market for UK growers

YOU HARDLY need me to to tell you that this year’s harvest is turning into a very stop start affair, with wet weather holding up progress significantly during the second half of August and causing the crops to deteriorate, thereby losing quality as well.