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Cygnet seed potatoes being planted at Mawcarse Farm, Kinross (Photo: Emma Cheape)
A rare almost white border collie pup playing a game of spot the difference with one of the lambs at Golland Farm, Kinross
Duncan McNicoll at work with a Kverneland five furrow reversible plough on ground at Snaigow Estate, Dunkeld, following its 2019 pea harvest (Pic: Christina Simpson)
DILLARS TOP Maverick investigates the teacakes provided by this year's National Stallion Show sponsors Tunnocks (full our report in The Scottish Farmer this week)  Ref:EC0703203268
Water logged fields alongside the overflowing River Earn   Ref:EC2202203199
ROSS KING and Wolfstar Jackaroo     Ref:EC1702203149
Blackies being fed in the snow at Achnaba Farm, North Connel (Pic: Emma Cheape)
MAKING THE most of a spot of winter sun, the team at Over Rankeilour Farm were this week sowing some winter wheat at Bow of Fife     Ref:EC2301202892
COWS in calf cows grazing fodder beet  Ref:EC1001202809...
The judge, Mr N Robinson, casting his eye over one of the classes of BFL  Ref:EC1301202774...