Wyke Farms and the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo) have joined forces to become The British Organic Dairy Company, providing a more robust, yet flexible, operation to produce key organic dairy products for domestic and global markets.

“In July, we announced that we were forming a partnership with Wyke Farms,” says OMSCo’s managing director Richard Hampton. “The partnership, within which we both have an equal share, provides us with a focus to grow organic dairy opportunities together.

“The launch of our business-to-business brand, ‘The British Organic Dairy Company’, will enable us to facilitate the sales and marketing of our products under a joint brand identity.”

At the heart of the partnership is a desire from both companies to vertically integrate to produce a guaranteed supply of high quality, good value organic dairy products across the globe.

“By working with Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese maker, we can provide a unique proposition to distributors and retailers and take advantage of growing markets,” says Mr Hampton.

OMSCo has proven expertise in producing organic milk to specific export standards and already has EU, USDA and Chinese certification, which added to the organic milk through Wyke Farms will ensured a flexible, yet guaranteed, supply of organic milk which in turn will also take a share in the ownership of bulk organic cheddar stocks.

Richard Clothier, managing director and third generation family member at Wyke Farms added:

“We know that global demand for organic dairy is growing, but we’re also aware of domestic opportunities.

“For instance, the UK organic cheese category is currently under performing relative to overall organic dairy, with just 1% market share within cheese, compared to 5% in liquid milk and 8.5% in yogurt,” says Mr Clothier.

He attributes this shortfall to supply chain issues, such as, poor-quality driving low repeat purchase, sporadic supply and a relatively costly supply chain.

However, he pointed out that through the partnership these issues will be mitigated. “Having a guaranteed supply of organic milk and mutual focus on growing the category will enable us to increase our stock levels and produce more cost-effective products.

“This will create a solid platform to grow sales of organic dairy products and enable us to reach the potential of a growing world market, now and post-Brexit,” adds Mr Clothier.

“The alliance brings together quality and excellence in organic dairy production, from the world’s second largest 100% organic milk producer, combined with award winning cheddar quality from Wyke Farms; the most sustainable cheese maker in the world – it really is a world beating collaboration.”