A SHOW and sale of Beltex prime hoggs was held at Caledonian Marts' Stirling centre this week, where a pen from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Octhermuthill, secured the championship and the lead price.

Selling for £140 or 311p per kg per life, the pen of three which scaled 45kg sold to the judge, Jimmy Stark from Milton of Campsie.

Mr Stark also paid £120 or 293p per head for the reserve champion pen from M McDonald, Newbigging, which weighed in at 41kg.

In all, 2681 prime hoggs cashed in to average 206.94p (-1.1p on the week).

The firm also sold 657 cast ewes and tups which saw ewes peaked at £126 for a Texel cross from R McNee, Woodhead.


Prime hoggs – 42.1kg to 46kg – 1 and champion, DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, 45kg, £140 or 311p to MJ Stark, Bluebell, Milton of Campsie; 2, Murray Bell, Craigend, 42kg, £104; 3, Murray Bell, Craigend, 45kg, £104. Up to 42kg – 1 and reserve champion, M McDonald, Newbigging, 41kg, £120 or 283p; 2, M McDonald, Newbigging, 38kg, £92; 3, M McDonald, Newbigging, 41kg, £97. More than 46kg – 1, Murray Bell, Craigend, 49kg, £109; 2,

J Guthrie, Cuiltburn, 55kg, £126; 3, J Guthrie, Cuiltburn, 51kg, £109.


Prime hoggs – Per head – Bel – £120 Gartfinnan. Bel X – £116 West Lundie. Tex – £116 Broadslap. Tex – X £116 Bankhead.

Suff – £106 Easter Ochtermuthill. Suff X – £104 Ballabeg. Mules – £102 Coulshill. Cross – £98 Mid Auchencarroch

Per kilo – Bel – 257p Meikle Seggie. Bel X – 248p, 239p Craigend. Tex X – 242p, 237p Newbigging.

Tex – 240p Gartfinnan. Suff – 225p Easter Ochtermuthill. Mule – 212p Meikle Seggie. Cross – 211p Coulshill. BF – 212p Burnshot