MORE than 1650 head of store cattle and young bulls were forward for United Auctions weekly sale at Stirling which included the Aberfeldy show and sale and the sale of 145 cast cows.

Bullocks from John and Craig Robertson, Newton of Logierait, led the trade attracting the lead price per head and per kg at £1900 and 404.3p for a 470kg Limousin cross.

The father and son duo also picked up the majority of top awards in the bullock section, including the reserve overall honours with a Limousin cross that scaled 492kg and sold for £1280, as well as the champion pen of four which passed the weigh bridge at 423kg and realised £1360 per head.

Leading the heifers at £1550 was the champion, a Limousin cross from Jim Prentice, Pittentian, which scaled in at 532kg, while a similarly bred heifer scaling 384kg from Graeme Cameron, Wester Bonhard, topped the pence per kg 335.9p.

By the end of the day, 912 bullocks averaged 243.30p with 711 heifers cashing in at 236.44p.

The 30 black and white bullocks levelled at 139.74p having sold to 165.7p for a 356kg Holstein Friesian cross from West Drumlemble, and £870 for a similarly bred 582kg entry from Inchgall.

Cast cows were also a great trade with beef entries averaging 143.93p for 119. Top prices were 200.6p for an Angus cross from Lower Luthrie, and £1470 for a Charolais cross from Mid Cambushinnie.

Dairy cows (19) peaked at 118.17p for a Holstein Friesian cross from Meikle Camoquhill and £1010 for a similarly bred cow from Broughmore.


Single calves – Bullock – 1 and reserve and 2, J Robertson, Newton of Logierait, 402kg, £1350 and 414kg, £1200; 3, Ballechin Farms, 536kg, £1300. Heifer – 1 and champion, J Prentice, Pittentian, 532kg, £1550; 2 and 3, Newton of Logierait, 492kg £1280, and 388kg, £1210.

Pens of four – Bullocks – 1 and champion, and 2, Newton of Logierait, 423kg, £1360 and 459kg £1300; 3, R Simpson, Mains of Creuchies, 465kg, £1250. Heifers – 1, Ballechin Farms, 481kg £1500; 2, W Thomson, Hilton of Beath, 470kg £1210; Newton of Logierait, 427kg, £1150.

LEADING prices:

Bullocks – Up to 250kg – Gartness £580; Hartside 264.8p. 250-300kg – Sorn Mains £810, 297.8p. 301-350kg – Newton of Logierait £990, 290.3p. 351-400kg – Newton of Logierait £1280, 323.2p. 401-450kg – Newton of Logierait £1360, 335.8p. 451-500kg – Newton of Logierait £1900, 404.3p. 501-551kg – Ballechin £1300, Pittentian 247.5p. 552-601kg – Hilton of Beath £1330, 232.1p. 602-651kg – Stanley £1400, 220.6p. 652-701kg – Pitsundry £1380, 207.8p.

Heifers – Up to 250kg – Sorn Mains £620, 263.8p. 251-300kg – Balachallan £750, 250.9p. 301-350kg – Strathnafanaig £1020, 294.8p. 351-400kg – Wester Bonhard £1290, 225.9p. 401-450kg – Ballechin £1280, 298p. 451-500kg – Ballechin £1500, 311.9p. 501-551kg – Pittentian £1550; Ballechin 296.9p. 552-601kg – Stanley £1320; Wester Bonhard 230.5p. 602-651kg – Stanley £1400, 231p.

Cast cows – A-A – Drummond Estate £1250; Lower Luthrie 200.6p. BSho – Goodockhill £1170. Blo – Goodockhill £1370; Wester Lochgreen 171.3p. BB – Traprain £1170; Wester Bonhard 152.7p. Char – Mid Cambushinnie £1470, 185.6p. Her – Millhaugh £1130, 174.9p. HF – Broughmore £1010; Meikle Camoquhill 148.7p. Lim – Bridgehouse £1390, 181.5p. Mont – Meikle Camoquhill £1050, 173.2p. Sal – Traprain £1130, 151.1p. Sho – Ancaster Estate £1170, 182.8p. Sim – Shawsmill £1190; Lower Luthrie 156.6p. Cont – Newton of Arbirlot £1090, 155.7p.