Two leading livestock auctioneering companies have joined forces in what is hoped will establish and grow dairy sales in the North West of England.

North West Auctions, with Ian Atkinson as main auctioneer and his team, are collaborating with brothers Stuart and Dan Hassall of the Cheshire-based Hassall Brothers, to provide a ‘Mecca’ for dairy sales in 2018 and beyond at Lancaster Auction Market and J36 Rural Auction Centre.

Stuart Hassall who has spent more than 20 years in the auctioneering world said he was “delighted to announce this new initiative,” with North West Auctions.

“Between the companies we envisage a massive growth in the sale at Lancaster and also the establishment of a regular monthly dairy sale at the J36 Rural Auction centre. Both auctions offer great facilities and we are overcome by the interest from both buyers and sellers so far to grow this sales platform.”

He added: “Over the coming months we already have plenty of ideas to grow on its existing success, and this will be enhanced by both companies which have their own particular strengths and concepts to bring to the table. Both ourselves at Hassall Brothers and the North West Auctions team are committed to the challenge of making this new joint venture a huge success."

In launching there will be a move to hold the Lancaster Auction Centre sale on the third Tuesday of the month,

kicking off on Tuesday March, 20 , while the first sale at J36 Rural Auction Centre will be staged in June.