TRADE improved for all classes at the anniversary show and sale of prime stock at Hopes Auction Co's Wigton centre, on Tuesday, where the cattle entry was judged by local butcher, Steven Wilson, from Corby Hill.

He later bought his champion, a Limousin heifer weighing 629kg from DA Harrison, Hill House, for 245.5p per kg or £1544. However, it was the reserve, another Limousin heifer but this time weighing 699kg from RE Miller, West Farm, which topped the gross trade at £1674, while a 535kg Limousin heifer from Messrs Watson, Cunningarth, led the price per kg at 248.5p.

Bullocks sold to 239.5p and £1377.13 for the first prize Limousin from Messrs Cape, Kirkland Guards. A good show of bulls reached 222.5p and £1639.83 for the first prize Limousin from RE Miller, West Farm.

The anniversary show of prime hoggs was judged by Dunbia's Haig Murray, who had 24 pairs to choose from. His champion entry was a pair of 41kg Beltex from RN Scott, West Micklethwaite, which sold to Richard Harrison and Sons butchers, King Street, Wigton, for the top price of £185 apiece or 451.2p per kg to top the sale.

Taking the reserve honours was a 37.5kg pair of Beltex from Robin Slade, Hereford, which sold for £140.

The sale cashed in to average 262.4p for 1324, with SQQs at 268.49p or £108.50, and 112 hoggs sold between £130 and £185, with the 589 Beltex hoggs selling to average £122 or 306.12p.

Many consignments averaged above the 300p per kg mark, with a run of 31 Beltex from John and Joanne Hall, Inglewood Edge, selling to average 330.49p or £126.23. Horned and Mule hoggs were also in demand with Mules topping at £100 from Hill House as well as 231.9p from Stoneraise Farming. Swaledale and Blackface hoggs also met a good trade with 38kg Blackface selling for £90 from Stoneraise Farming.

An offering or ewes reached £124 for Beltex from S and D Peile, Parkgate Hall.

LEADING awards:

Heifer – Limousin-sired – 1 and champion, DA Harrison, Hill House, Aldoth, 245.5p; 2 and reserve, RE Miller, West Farm, Aspatria, 239.5p. Charolais-sired – 1 and 2, N Dixon, Low Whinnow Farm, Thursby, 228.5p and 222.5p. AOB-sired – 1, Messrs Watson, Cunningarth, Wigton, BB, 206.5p; 2, Hill House, BB, 204.5p

Bullock – Limousin-sired – 1 and 2, Messrs Cape, Kirkland Guards, Mealsgate, 239.5p and 223.5p.

Bull – Limousin-sired – 1, West Farm, 222.5p; 2, Newlands Farming Co, 207.5p. Charolais-sired – 1, WJB Cleasby, Linden House, Temple Sowerby, 197.5p per kg.

Pair of hoggs – Weighing combined 80kg and under – 1 and reserve, RJ Slade, Orchard Bungalow, Hereford, Belt, 37.5kg, £140; 2, RN Scott, West Micklethwaite, Wigton, Belt, 38kg, £131. Weighing 81kg to 90kg – 1 and champion, West Micklethwaite. Belt, 41kg, £185; 2, A and B Fisher, Lairdlaugh, Springholme, Castle Douglas, Belt, 41kg, £139. Weighing 91kg and above – 1, J Dixon and Son, Lesson Hall, Wigton, Belt, 45.5kg, £149; 2, D and HE Batty, Cobble Croft, Blennerhasset. Dutch Tex, 47kg, £159.