Scottish Farmer Field Margins writer, John Harvey, brother Stuart and their mother Margaret, have retained their lead position as National Milk Records (NMR's) top Holstein production herd in it latest annual production report.

Their 309-cow herd from Beeswing, Dumfries, not only retained the top spot but also increased production by 15kg of fat and protein to give an average of 961kg and 583kg of milk to 13,662kg on a three times daily milking regime.

The report for the year ending September 2017, saw DJ and KL Leadbetters’ 56-cow herd from Derbyshire, take second place. They move up from sixth place in the previous year, having added 37kg of fat and protein to their average which is now 911kg, with 12,656kg of milk on twice a day milking.

In the Shorthorn listings, JS Knowles from Yorkshire retains top place. Top Ayrshire herd is the Tinklers’ Park Head herd, also based in Yorkshire.

Leading the Jersey line-up was PL Boam’s herd from Derbyshire, while the Griffins’ enterprise from the Isle of Wight, is the top production Guernsey herd.

Closer to home, RW and J Bell's Nerewater herd based in Cumbria, retained its first placed British Friesian herd in the breed rankings.