Beef Shorthorns being dispersed from Highland Wagyu's HW herd, from Blackford, peaked at 6000gns for a cow and calf pairing, at last weekend's sale at United Auctions, Stirling.

The event, which was staged alongside a pedigree breeding cattle sale featuring Aberdeen-Angus and Limousin females, was topped by Mohmar Ariel, a four-year-old light roan by the 9000gns Glenisla Drambuie 2 which sold in calf to the 12,000gns Alvie Elton. She changed hands with her six-month-old heifer, HW Ariel 4 by the home-bred Quoiggs Freud, selling to I Tennant, Lanark.

Next, at 5000gns, was Knowehead Gorgeous Tessa, a five-year-old roan Glenisla Doctor Who daughter, in calf to Alvie Elton. Morayshire producer, A Stephen, Forres, forked out the cash for this cow which sold with her four-month-old heifer, HW Gorgeous Tessa by Quoiggs Freud.

A bid of 4800gns from Messrs Walker, Banknock, Falkirk, secured the six-year-old light roan, Chapelton Jackie, a daughter of the 6800gns Glenisla Banqo, sold in calf to Caramba Hush. Included in this transaction was her five-month-old heifer, HW Jackie 2 by Alvie Elton.

The six-year-old roan, Chapelton Duchess, a Chapelton Typhoon daughter, in calf to Alvie Elton, together with her six-month-old bull calf, HW Marcelo by Caramba Hush, then made 4500gns to Mark Runciman, Lauder, Berwickshire.

Three entries were bid to 4000gns. First was Quoiggs Rhona, a seven-year-old light roan by Chapelton Brogie which changed hands in calf to Alvie Elton. She sold with her five-month-old bull calf, HW Mosalah, by Caramba Hush to R Taylor, Fintry, Glasgow.

The next two 4000gns bids came from SG Mair and Son, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. The first was for Glenisla Waterloo Naomi, a six-year-old roan Cairnsmore Craig daughter offered with her four-month-old heifer, HW Waterloo Naomi 5 by Caramba Hush.

The second at 4000gns was Glenisla Margo, a six-year-old roan by Glenisla First Solution, in calf to Quioggs Freud which sold with her six-month-old heifer, HW Margo 2 by Alvie Elton.

The Mairs also went to 3400gns for Chapelton Cheerleader, a six-year-old roan Glenisla Banqo daughter, in calf to Alvie Elton, accompanied by her six-month-old heifer HW Cheerleader by Elton.

A second 3400gns call was made by South Highgate Farms, Beith, Ayrshire for the six-year-old roan, Uppermill Lysine, an Ardoyne Bombus daughter, in calf to Elton. She sold with her six-month-old heifer, HW Lysine 2, by Elton.

In-calf heifers peaked at 3000gns for HW Lysine, a 21-month-old red and white by the 5000gns Glenisla Ghillie, purchased by Messrs Leggat, Logiealmond, Perthshire.


Collective pedigree cattle – A-A – Cows and calves – 2400gns, 2100gns, Close Littleton. Maiden heifers – 1100gns, Sprowl Eastlands. Lim – Heifers and calves – 2000gns (x2) Airthrey Kerse. Maiden heifers – 2800gns, Burnbank; 2100gns, Spittalton.

Averages: HW cattle – 57 cows and calves £2195; eight in-calf cows £1398; eight in-calf heifers £1752; 25 maiden heifers £1187.

Auctioneers: United Auctions