A TUP from Stanley Jackson topped the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association of registered Herdwick rams at Cockermouth, last week, when the two-shear went under the hammer at 9500gns, falling just short of the 10,000gns record paid at the same sale last year. 

The well-coloured ram from the flock Stanley runs with wife Carole, and daughter Sarah, at Nook Farm, in the Borrowdale valley, Keswick, caught the eye of Sam Hodgson and goes to work at Glencoyne. 

The underbidder, Anna Dickinson, secured another two-shear from the Jacksons for 3000gns to take home to Brockstones.

With the catalogued entry of 374 rams cashing in to average £661.14, a second top price of 6200gns was paid by EJ and RJ Wear, Howe Green, for a two-shear from Kevin Wrathall, Cockley Beck. 

Just behind on 6000gns was a ram from the Blands at West Head which was knocked down to AD and T Harrison, Brotherilkeld.

Making 4000gns when sold to PM Blair, Miller Place, was a four-shear from CI Hartley, Barfield.

Andrew Race, Burnthwaite, saw his best, a shearling, sell to K Wrathall, Cockley Beck Farm, for 3200gns. 

Selling at 3000gns was an entry from Andrew Hartley, Turner Hall, which sold to N Race, Hogg House Farm. 

Females were topped by pens from Middle row with gimmers to £300 and ewes to £240, while the champion pen from females from Brotherikeld sold for £230 per head. 

LEADING prices:

Ewes – £240 Middle Row; £230, £105, £92, £85 Brotherilkeld; £175, £85, £80, £66 Barfield; £138, £125 Ulcatrow; £120 Penny Hill; £110 (x2) Anns Cottage; £105, £100 Tilberthwaite Farm; £95 Skelsceugh Farm; £85 Glencoyne Farm; £72 Knott Houses; £72 Row Farm; £68 East House. 
Gimmers – £300 Middle Row; £160, £125, £100 Little Cross; £140, £135, £81, £80 (x3), £76 Crosbythwaite Farm; £98, £70 Nook Farm; £95 Deepdale Hall; £85 (x2) Skelsceugh Farm; £85 The Oaks; £85 Ulcatrow; £84 Row Farm; £72 Rietfontien; £69 The Mount; £68 Anns Cottage; £68 Tilberthwaite.
Ewe lambs – £105, £55 Middle Row; £80 Barfield; £58, £56 Anns Cottage; £58 Ulcatrow; £52 Penny Hill; £52 Brockstones; £50 Skelsceugh Farm.
Rams – 9500gns, 3000gns Nook Farm; 6200gns Cockley Beck Farm; 6000gns West Head; 4000gns Barfield; 3200gns Burnthwaite; 3000gns Turner Hall; 3000gns Grove Farm; 2800gns How Hall; 2700gns Taw House; 2600gns Woodhow; 2100gns Chapel Farm; 2000gns The Galleon; 2000gns, 1700gns Racy Ghyll Farm; 2000gns Millbeck Hall; 1800gns Knott Houses; 1700gns Randle Gate.