ALL classes met an increased demand at Craig Wilson's prime cattle Christmas show and sale at Ayr on Tuesday, where 32 heifers cashed in at 242.6p per kg or £1357.93 per head and seven bullocks averaged 253.3p or £1436.52. The 24 show cattle levelled at 263.9p or £1506.10.

Champion winner was the Young Farmers' best, a black Limousin cross bullock from Scott Anderson, Oldwalls, Galston, that scaled 690kg and sold to the judge, Mervin Hall of Frasers Butchers, Stranraer, for 390p per kg or £2691.00

The reserve was the runner up in the YFC section, a black Limousin heifer from Sarah Hodge, West Scoutts, Tarbolton. It passed the weighbridge at 625kg and realised 310p to Charles Donaldson Butchers.

The same two buyers bought the champion and reserve winners in the unhaltered section with the judge going to 295p per kg for his leader, a red Limousin heifer from Grant Cook, Glendoune, that scaled 650kg and realised 295p.

Jim and Janice Murdoch, Fleminghill, bagged the blue and white sash with a 555kg black Limousin bullock, that made 280p to Messrs Donaldson.

The Christmas show and sale of 15 cast cows was led by a a Limousin cross from R Semple, Netherton, that scaled 760kg and sold for £1080. First prize dairy entry was a Holstein from A Wilson, Carskerdo, that made £1000 having weighed in at 840kg.

Outwith the show cows, the entry of 200 OTM, cast cows and bulls saw 101 dairy cows average 84.8p per kg and 87 beef types at 102.6p, with a Charolais from Dykes, Auchinleck, leading the trade at £1280 while black and whites sold to £1000 from Carskerdo.

The mart's sale of 33 beef breeding cattle, staged the same day was sharper for a poor show for quality.

By the end of the day, four heifers and calves averaged £1722.50; 11 cows and calves, £906.36; eight in-calf cows, £802.50 and 10 bulling heifers balanced out at £988.00.

And, the weekly sale of dairy cattle attracted a lead price of £1980 for two fresh Holstein Friesian heifers from T Smith, South Kilbride, Stewarton, with the 14 head averaging £1515.

LEADING prices

Prime show cattle – Heifers – Lim – 320p Sunnyside; 310p West Scoutts; 295p, 285p, 262p Glendoune; 261p Girvan Mains.

Bullocks – Lim – 390p Oldwalls; 291.5p Harelaw; 280p Fleminghill. A-A – 217p Borland. BS – 211p Boreland.

Breeding cattle – Heifers and calves – BB – £2050 Muirlaught. Lim – £1820 Muirlaught. £1600 Fleminghill.

Cows and calves – Sim – £1180 Thornlea; £1050 Knockeen. BB – £1100 Knockeen. Char – £1050 Thornlea.

In-calf cows – A-A – £980 Graystale. Lim – £980, £880 Broadshean.

Bulling heifers – Lim – £1160 Gateside. BB – £1000 Gateside.

Dairy cattle – Heifers in milk – HF –£1980 x2, £1750 South Kilbride; £1650, £1600 Holehouse (Logan). Cows in milk – HF – £1720, £1700, £1450 x2 Boreland Farms.