TRADE was comparable to recent levels obtained at other mainland centres at United Auctions' annual Christmas show and sale of 1095 cattle at Oban, where bullocks levelled at £607.60 or 211.53p per kg (-£54.69 or -26.43p per kg) with heifers at £537.72 or 195.6p (-£62.15 or -31.06p).

Judge, Stewart Bett from Castleton, Stirling, tapped out a Charolais cross heifer from Bob and Liz Cunninghame, Neriby, Islay, as champion, which later sold for £1600 to Hugh McKinnon, Tiree. She is by Retties Lorenzo, out of a Limousin cross dam that also bred the LiveScot calf champion five years.

The reserve honours went to a bullock from Ewen, and son, Ewen MacGillivray, Home Farm, Barcaldine, Oban.

Heifers topped at £1600 for a Charolais cross from Neriby and 361p for a Limousin cross from Ruaig, while bullocks topped at £1085 for a Limousin cross from 10 Eoligarry, Brora and 328p for the same from Woodend.

Among the breeding cattle, a cow and calf outfit from Steall topped at £1600.


Store cattle – Mainland bullock – 1 and reserve champion, Messrs MacGillivray, Barcaldine HF; 2, Messrs Lines, Killocraw; 3, Messrs Semple, Dippen. Mainland heifer – 1, R Currie, Low Dunasshery; 2, R Wright, Woodend. Island bullock – 1, RSPB, Aoradh; 2, Messrs MacInnes, Ruiag; 3, D MacCormick, Baligarve. Island heifer – 1 and champion, R Cunninghame, Neriby; 2, Messrs MacInnes, Ruaig; 3, RSPB, Aoradh.


Store cattle – Per head – Bullocks – A-A X – £1010, £980 (x2) 13 Eoligarry, Barra. Short X – £750 (x7) Glenbeg. BRB X – £1040 Barcaldine HF; £970 Low Dunashery; £970, £960 Killowcraw; £920 Barcaldine HF; £910 19 East Hynish; £910 – Barcaldine HF. Char X – £1080 Strath; £1030, £1010 (x4), £990 Dippen; £980 Aoradh, Islay; £975, £910, £900 (x2) Saddle HF. Gal X – £840 Inverglen. Lim X – £1085, £1050, £1025 (x2) 10 Eoligarry, Barra; £1020 Killocraw; £1000 10 Eoligarry; £980, £970 Strathnafanaig; £960 Ardachy; £950 10 Eoligarry; £940 Strathnafanaig; £920 Low Dunashery; £900 Woodend. Sal X – £895 (x3) Neriby. Sim X – £1080 13 Eoligarry; £960 10 Eoligarry; £920 Strath.

Heifers – A-A X – £730 Frackersaig. BRB X – £950 Killowcraw; £840 Barcaldine HF; £830 Ruaig. Char X – £1600 Neriby; £980 (x2); Aoradh£900; Saddle HF; £880 (x4), £865 (x5) Ballochgair. Lim X – £1200, £1110 Ruaig; £930 Ardachy; £930 Low Dunashery; £900 Strathnafanaig; £855 Low Dunashery; £850 Balnagown. Sal X – £650 (x4) Neriby. Sim X – £990 Ballard; £810 Arileod; £800 Strath. Per kg – Bullocks – A-A X – 237p and 230p Achnaclach, Islay. Short X – 219p (x7) Glenbeg. BRB X – 272p Tyree; 250p Barcaldine HF; 247p Killowcraw; 246p Tyree; 246p Barcaldine HF; 241p Low Dunashery; 241p, 238p Barcaldine HF; 235p Killowcraw; 232p Baraldine HF; 223p Tyree; 220p (x2) South Achinduin. BA X – 250p (x3), 224p (x2) Shenavallie. Char X – 288p, 286p, 282p (x4) Dippen; 264p (x4 Neriby; 258p Aoradh; 257p (x2) Neriby; 246p (x2), 242p Saddel; 238p (x4) Neriby; 237p Saddel; 235p Ballochgair; 234p (x4), 232p RSPB Kinnabus; 228p Bragleenmore; 227p (x2) Saddel; 224p Homestead; 224p Ballochgair; 222p (x3), 220p (x3) RSPB Kinnabus. Lim X – 328p Woodend; 304p Ardachy; 293p (x2) Inion; 290p Ruaig; 288p (x2) Tyree; 283p Achnaclach; 282p Tyree; 281p Inion; 277p Ardachy; 272p (x3) Achnaclach; 264p (2) Inion; 262p Tyree; 260p, 259p (x8), 257p (x5) Turnault; 254p Baligarve; 254p Tyree; 254p Cruach (E and J Brown); 252p Ruaig; 250p Barcaldine HF; 247p (x2) Baligarve; 245p Woodend; 244p, 242p Ruaig; 240p South Achinduin; 240p Ruaig; 237p (x4) Low Dunashery; 235p (x3) 2 Baligrundle; 234p (x2) Low Dunashery; 233p (x2) South Achinduin; 233p 10 Eoligarry, 13 Eoligarry; 231p (x4) Fiart; 230p Balnagown; 230p Cruach (E and J Brown); 230p 19 east Hynish; 230p Ardtur; 230p Low Dunashery. Luing – 237p Cliad. Sal X – 247p (x2), 233p (x5) Neriby. Short X – 277p (x3) Innishewan. Sim X – 264p (x7), 253p (x8) Ardencaple ; 246p (x6) Feall; 242p (x4) Ballard; 239p (x6) Ardencaple; 238p (x6), 237p (x10) Cliad; 231p (x5), 231p (x8) Feall. Heifers – A-A X – 207p (x4) Dalrannoch. BRB X – 286p Barcaldine HF; 261p Ruaig; 239p Tyree; 234p Ruaig; 231p Killowcraw. Char X – 426p Neriby; 249p (x2) Aoradh; 241p (x3) Dippen. Lim X – 361p Ruaig; 287p, 282p (x2) Ardachy; 278p, 264p Low Dunashery : 262p – Ruaig : 260p – Woodend : 252p – Balnagown : 250p – Ardachy : 245p – Woodend : 244p – Low Dunashery : 244p – Tyree : 241p (x2) Achuaran; 241p (x3) Turnault; 239p Tyree; 238p Ardachy; 237p (x2) Low Dunashery; 236p (x4) Ardachy; 232p Strathnafanaig; 231p 13 Eoligarry; 230p (x4) Low Dunashery; 230p Achnaclach. Short X – 230p Homefield, Colonsay. Sim X – 264p (x3), 249p (x3) Cliad; 249p, 247p (x3) Ballard; 241p (x3), 234p (x5) Feall; 233p Arileod; 233p (x3) Ballard.

Breeding cattle – In-calf heifers – £900 (x4) Torr Farm. Cows with calves – £1600, £1400 Steall.