AT Lawrie and Symington's recent Christmas show and sale of prime lambs, a pen of Beltex cross lambs from A Walker, High Parks, Hamilton, stood overall champion and sold for the top price of the day

Weighing 47kg, this pen of five tapped out by judge, Will Shearer, Burnbrae, later sold for £200 or 425p per kg to Country Refreshments, Lanark.

The reserve ticket was awarded to a pen of five Dutch Texels scaling 46kg from Robert, Margaret and Ian Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke, which made £145 or 315p to the judge.

Outwith the show, the sale of 2794 prime lambs averaged 185p with SQQs at 190p. They topped at £100 for Beltex from R Parkin, Daviesdykes Farm and to 232p for the same from Messrs Currie, Haswellsykes, Peebles.

A large show of 1406 cast ewes and rams sold to £164 for Texels from Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn.


Prime lambs – Pens of five – Suff X – 1, JA Taylor, Skirling Mains, 54kg, £85; 2, R Orr, Lawhead Farm, 42kg, £81; 3, A Leggate, Stramolloch Farm, 49kg, £89. Tex X under 43kg – 1, R and M Struthers, Collielaw Farm, 42kg, £115; 2, D Gilchrist, Ingraston Farm, 41kg, £85; 3, W and S Thompson, Halmyre Mains, 42kg, £86.50. Tex X 43kg and under – 1, JA Taylor, Skirling Mains, 46kg, £101; 2, R and M Struthers, 48kg, £104; 3, R Orr, 45kg, £86. Belt X under 43kg – 1, A Baillie, Carstairs Mains, 40kg, £98; 2, A Baillie, Broomfield Farm, 40kg, £94; 3, TF Padkin and Son, Muirhouse, 42kg, £100. Belt X 43kg and under – 1 and champion – A Walker, High Parks Farm, 47kg; 2, A Walker, 50kg, £105; 3, R Parkin, Higher Daviesdykes Farm, 46kg, £96. AOB cont – 1 and reserve champion, R and M Struthers, 46kg, £145; 2, R and M Struthers, 41kg, £89.50; 3, R Orr, 44kg, £80.

Pens of ten – Blackface – Up to 39kg – 1, DC and JJ Marshall LLP, Gosland Farm, 37kg, £74; 2, P Smith and Son, Cloverhill Farm, 38kg, £70.50. 40kg to 43kg – HP Jackson, Boat Farm, 43kg, £78; 2, R and B Dickie, Spango Farm, 40kg, £75; 3, DC and JJ Marshall LLP, 40kg, £72.50. 44kg and over – 1, NC Smith and Sons, 48kg, £82.50; 2, P Smith and Son, 47kg, £79; 3, JA McGarva, Nether Abington Farm, 46kg, £76.50. Scotch Mule – 1, Firm of Shawhead, Shawhead Farm, 44kg, £76; 2, D Gilchrist, Ingraston Farm, 45kg, £75. Chev – 1, HP Jackson, Boat Farm, 41kg, £80.