SOME 4428 prime lambs sold through United Auctions' Stirling centre, last week, which included a show of 400 Blackface lambs judged by Andrew Argo.

The sale of lambs cashed in at 181.40p per kg and sold to £97 for Beltex from Harvesmailing and 220p for a similar pen from Polquhairn.

Scooping the championship honours in the show of Blackfaces was a pen from DH Amory, Glenfernate, which later sold for £80 to the judge.


Prime lambs – Per head – Harviesmailing (Belt) £97.00; Easter Greenhill (Tex) £93.50; Ormiston Mains (Suff) £93.00; Gartartarn (Char) £90.00; Wardhead (Chev) £87.00; Doune Farms (Cross) £86.00; Remony (BF) £80.50; Easter Bucklyvie (Mule) £78.00. Per kilo – Polquhairn (Belt) 220p; West Quarter (Tex) 216p; Doune Farms (Cross) 202p; Wardhead (Chev) 201p; Glenfernate (BF) 197.00p; Lilyburn (Suff) 196p; Overton (Mule) 180p.

Cast ewes – Humeston (Tex) £135.00; Pyeston (Suff) £94.00; Easter Middleton (HB) £76.00; Gartartan (Cross) £75.00; Kerry Cottage (BFL) £72.00; Uigle (BF) £47.00.

Rams – Forter (Tex) £100.00; Duntarvie (Hamp) £60.00; Cashlie (Chev) £56.00; Drumardoch (BF) £46.00.