Store bullocks and heifers averaged 205p and 192p per kg respectively at Caledonian Marts' sale of 439 head at Stirling, where a top price of 256p per kg was paid for a pen of Limousins from G Stewart, Wester Whin, Limerigg.

Top price per head was £1220 paid for Aberdeen Angus bullocks from R and W Moffat, Bowridge, Carluke, and for Limousins from J Orr, Hill O Harthill, Harthill, for Limousins.

Limousins led the heifers which hit a top of 237p for a pen from ML Wilson, Baluskie, Barrhill, and £1170 from M Campbell, Glenstockadale, Stranraer.

Black and Whites averaged 149p selling to 156p and £790 per head for a pen of 24 from DJ and RD Neill, Kirminnoch, Stranraer.

Also forward were 1089 store hoggs, ewes and tups, where the 953 hoggs averaged £68.27 selling to a top of £89 for Texels from J Boyd, Dechmont.

LEADING prices:

Bullocks – Per head – £1200 Craigens (Islay); £1190 Blairgorts; £1170 Blairgorts and Bowridge; £1160 Glenstockadale and Craigens (Islay); £1150 Glenstockadale; £1120 Eskechraggan (Rothesay). Per kg – 251p Glenside; 250p Heads Farming; 243p Highflat; 240p Heads Farmin;g 232p (x3) Baluskie and Heads Farming 231p Ardacheranmore.

Heifers – Per head – £1110 Lammerview; £1100 East Kerse; £1080 Hill O Harthill; £1070 Baluskie and Hill O Harthill; £1060 Gryffewraes; £1050 Hillhead. Per kg – 236p Highflat; 221p Glenstockadale; 216p Gryffewraes; 214p East Kerse; 212p Ardacheranmore.

Hoggs – Tex – £86 Newmains. Tex X – £84 Baluskie. Cont – £81 Argaty. Chev – £81 Newhall. Suff – £79 Dyke. Mule – £69 Drumnessie

Ewes – Tex – £79 Blairlinnans. Tex X – £60 Willowbank. Bf – £36 Willowbank.