Chapelton Gem, a polled roan heifer from Donald Biggar and sons Jamie and Duncan, lived up to her name to lift the top price amongst the Beef Shorthorn females, when she sold for 6000gns.

The April 2017-born heifer from the 75-cow Chapelton herd based at Grange, Castle Douglas, is by Fergus of Upsall, a former senior champion here purchased for 9000gns and the sire of the herd's reserve junior bull champion that made 5500gns. Second in her class at the pre-sale show, she is out of a previous home-bred prolific Gem by Chapelton Waverley, that produced 10 calves. The prize winner sold across the Irish Sea to Thomas Staunton, Lough Curra, North Kinvara, Co Galway, in calf to the new herd sire, Balnabroich Kermit, purchased last yaer for 15,000gns.

Chapelton genetics were also behind the female champion which sold for 4000gns to professional livestock photographer Alfie Shaw, who also owns his own pedigree Beef Shorthorn herd based outside Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. This was Glenisla Foxglove Flake, a similarly aged twin-born roan heifer from Major John Gibb and his daughter Catriona's Glenisla herd from Blairgowrie. A daughter of the 7500gns stockbull, Chapelton Glen Clova, she is out of a previous home-bred Flake by Fearn Wyvis and sold due to Millerston Jamboree – the breed champion here in 2017.

The Glenisla herd also received 3200gns for another Flake, when Glenisla Foxglove Flake L242, a white heifer by the AI sire, Glenisla Explorer, was purchased by J Dodge, Aith, Cunningburgh, Shetland. She also sold in-calf to Jamboree.

The reserve female from George Irving's Mountbenger herd from Yarrow, made 3000gns to Mark Runciman, East Mains, Lauder. This was Mountbenger Lorna, a polled roan by the Blinkbonny Equity son, Mountbenger Jake bred from a home-bred cow by Chapelton Destiny. She changed hands due to Gala Jonah.

LEADING awards:

Bulls born on or between December 3 and March 3, 2017 – 1, T and D Bradley Farmer’s Meonside Legionaire, by Elliot Salute, 3600gns to Messrs Jones, Pantyfrefail, Llanfynydd, Carmarthen; 2, Lord Glendyne’s Craigeassie Logan, by Uppermill Ronald, 3000gns to J and R Paisley, West Moor House, Middleton, West Yorks; 3, T and D Bradley Farmer’s Meonside Kilmanjaro, 3000gns to Messrs Coghill, Muce, Birsay, Orkney; 4, A Haigh’s Willingham Logan, by Willingham Humperdink unsold; 5, T Severn’s Highlee Larkin, by Poyntington Himself, unsold.

Bulls born on or between March 4 and 19, 2017 – 1 and reserve senior champion, The Hon G Turton’s Leonard of Upsall, by Dingo of Upsall, 13,000gns to DM Dickie, Knockenjig, Sanquhar, Dumfries; 2, H Horrell’s Podehole Lancer, by Podehole Fandango, 3800gns to Haddo House Estate, Mains of Haddoo, Tarves; 3, AJ Gibson Farming’s Cutthorn Loam, by Ballylinney Hawk, unsold; 4, JF Irving and Son’s Mountbenger Lucias, by Mountbenger Jerry, unsold; 5, DJ Biggar’s Chapelton Liberator, by Fergus of Upsall, 4500gns to RF Leach, Carpenters, Warmington, Oxon.

Bulls born on or between March 20 and March 25, 2017 – 1 and senior champion, H Horrell’s Podehole Lincoln, by Knockenjig Hercules, 7500gns to MG Bailey, Craigeassie House, Forfar; 2, DJ Biggar’s Chapelton Lionheart, by Fergus of Upsall, 4000gns to D Towers, Scale House, Wray, Lancaster; 3, JP Ramsay’s Millerston Lynchpin, by Meonhill Charlie Chaplin, 3000gns to Ellary Farms, Achahoish, Lochgilphead; 4, J Porter’s Uppermill Roman, by Dunsyre Demetri, unsold; 5, D and R Dickie’s Knockenjig Lancelot, by Meonside Ganster, unsold.

Bulls born on or between March 26 and 31, 2017 – 1 and reserve intermediate champion, Hon G Turton’s Lawyer of Upsall, 8000gns to SS Horton and Sons, Poulton Fields, Cyrencester; 2, C Macadie and Sons’ Lightning of Skaillhouse, by Glenisla Faust, 3250gns to W and J McAllister, Parkgate Road, Kells, Ballymena; 3, GL Riby’s Stonehills Logic, by Tofts Prince Grenadier, 3000gns to Messrs Whitcombe, Orchard House, West Hay, Glastonbury; 4, C Nye’s Mineshop Ingleton, by Ingleton C111, unsold; 5, JP Ramsay’s Millerston Lookout, by Meonhill Charlie Chaplin, 2600gns to A and B McHarg, Broadhead, Auchincruive, Ayrshire.

Bulls born on or between April 1 and 10, 2017 – 1, C Coombs, Dunsyre Lanark, by Dunsyre Hamlet, 5000gns to Scottish Bull Stud, Inverness; 2, C Coombs’ Dunsyre Lancelot, by Redhill Ferny, 7500gns to RL Morris and Partners, Over Buttergask, Coupar Angus; 3, C Coombs’ Dunsyre Leo, by Dunsyre Hamlet, 4000gns to Exmoor Forest, Cornham, Simonsbath, Somerset; 4, Mr and Mrs B Landers’ Cairnsmore Lambert, by Chapelton Dauphin, unsold; 5, C Nye’s Mineshop Quantum Leap, by Shadybrook Quantas, 1800gns to PL Dickson and Son, Acrestrype, Auchterless, Turriff.

Bulls born on or between April 11 and 18, 2017 – 1 intermediate and reserve overall champion, LEP Farms’ Meonhill Lion King, by Elliot Danny Boy, P and A Watt, Birkenburn, Keith; 2, W Allan’s Miltonlockhart Lionheart, by Chapelton Glen Garry, 4000gns to Ormsary Farmers, Lochgilphead, Argyll; 3, Doldy Farms’ Eastmill Lad, by Blelack Camelot, 3000gns to Messrs Macrae, Binscarth, Finstown, Orkney; 4, Laga Farms’ Lagas Larry, by Chapelton Adonis, 5000gns, to WG Murray, Kirkton, Golspie, Sutherland; 5, Thomson, Roddick and Laurie’s Shawhill Lancelot, by Shawhill Freedom, unsold.

Bulls born on or between April 19 and May 8, 2017 – 1, H Horrell’s Podehole Landmark, by Knockenjig Hercules, 15,000gns to Gates Farming, Rosemore Manor, Coldoverton; 2, DJ Biggar’s Chapelton Lancer, by Fergus of Upsall, 5500gns to P Dawes, Kipperknowle, Dinmore, Herefordshire; 3, JP Ramsay’s Millerston Lawman, by Meonhill Charlie Chaplin, 3000gns to Messrs Gauld, Cairn, Auchterarder; 4, S and G Hunt’s Sowerbyparks Gypsy Leader, 3000gns to Messrs Matley; 5, D McDowell’s Castlemount Loverboy, by Elliot Matrix, 2000gns to J and J Green, Wrangham, Colpy, Insch, Aberdeenshire.

Bulls born on or between May 9 and June 13, 2017 – 1, Laga Farms’ Lagas Lovejoy, by Chapelton Adonis, 3000gns to Ormsary Farmers, Lochgilphead, Argyll; 2, A Haigh’s Willingham Loki, by Willingham Humperdink, unsold; 3, GR Brooke Estate’s Gordon Desert Storm, by Elliot Matrix, 4000gns to Aucheneck Estate, Killearn, Glasgow; 4, D and R Dickie’s Knockenjig Lonestar, by Glengloy Geronimo, 2000gns to AHA Morgan, Noss, Wiick, Caithness; 5, Doldy Farms’ Eastmill Lord, by Eastmill Joop, unsold.

Bulls born on or after June 14, 2017 – 1, N and A Hunter’s Derwentwood Leonard, by Meonhill Fire Fox, unsold; 2, W Allan’s Miltonlockhart Landlord, by Chapelton Glen Garry, unsold; 3, T and K Madden’s Lookout of Ballyvaddy, by Hussar of Upsall, unsold; 4, R Henning’s Mullaglass Lovejoy, by Dunsyre Esquire, unsold; 5, T and K Madden’s Lurig of Ballyvaddy, unsold.

Heifers born on or between March 22, 2016, and March 12, 2017 – 1, C Macadie and Sons’ Rosewood Rosewell 9 of Skaillhouse, by Glenisla Faust, 2500gns to J and A Brown, Macqueston, Tynron, Thornhill; 2, JF Irving and Son’s Mountbenger Kimberly, by Blinkbonny Equity, 2600gns to I Tennant, Hyndford Road, Lanark; 3, Major GPO Gibb’s Glenisla Foxglove Flake, by Glenisla Explorer, 3200gns, J Dodge, Aith, Cunningsburgh, Shetland; 4, C Macadie and Sons’ Lancaster Liz 25 of Skaillhouse, by Glenisla Faust, 1400gns, to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness, Stromness, Orkney; 5, DJ Biggar’s Chapelton Princess Royal, by Crichton Paddy, 1700gns to WSL Muir, Upper Onston, Stenness, Stromness, Orkney.

Heifers born on or between March 13, and April 18, 2017 – 1 and reserve female champion, JF Irving and Son’s Mountbenger Lorna, by Mountbenger Jake, 3000gns to Runciman and Partners, East Mains, Lauder; 2, W and J McAllister’s Burnside Minnie, by Chapelton Yardley, 2500gns, A Watt, Birkenburn, Keith; 3, J Porter’s Uppermill Flossy Fox, by Dunsyre Demetri, unsold; 4, J Scott and Partners’ Fearn Monique, by Dakota of Upsall, 2000gns to Messrs Walker, East Cottage, Netherwood, Banknock; 5, J Porter’s Uppermill Lovely Lyndsay, by Uppermill Rank, unsold.

Heifers born on or after April 19, 2017 – 1 and female champion, Major JPO Gibb’s Glenisla Foxglove Flake, by Chapelton Glen Clova, 4000gns to A Shaw, Dungannon, Co Tyrone; 2, DJ Biggar’s Chapelton Gem, by Fergus of Upsall, 6000gns to T Staunton, Lough Curra, Co Galway, Eire; 3, R and F McKeown’s Ashvale Beauty 2, by Elliot Matrix, unsold; 4, R and F McKeown’s Ashvale Beauty, by Elliot Matrix, unsold; 5, D McDowell’s Castlemount Matrix Veronica, by Elliot Matrix, unsold.


9000gns – Major JPO Gibb’s Glenisla Lochan Dubh, by Glenisla Jack Frost, to C Lowther, Askhamhall, Penrith.