Prime cattle peaked at 234p per kg from J Jardine, Yett, at C and D Auction Marts' prime sale at Dumfries.

A small entry of OTM cattle was led by an Aberdeen Angus which made £1299.40 for Dalmakethar.

The sale of 460 spring lambs, prime hoggs, cast ewes and rams, saw new season entries peak at 225p and £110 for a Charollais from Blackburn, to level out at 241.7p.

A steadier trade amongst the 203 hoggs produced an average of 219.3p. A Texel from Thorns topped the trade at 238p and £91.

Newton Stewart

Some 305 prime and cast sheep including 54 prime lambs were forward for Craig Wilson's sale where new season lambs averaged 228p per kg with an SQQ of 238.6p.

They were topped at £106 for a Texel from Messrs Allison, Glenstables and 247.6p for a pen of Suffolks from Messrs Wallace, High Glentriplock.

Hoggs reached £92 for a pair of Texels from Messrs Wright, Pinmore Mains and 222.4p for a pen of 26 Cheviots from the same home. Overall 81 averaged 175.1p per kg with an SQQ of 195p.


Limousins topped the trade in both the heifer and bullock sections at Lawrie and Symington's sale of 29 prime cattle and 845 lambs, cast ewes and rams.

The 10 bullocks sold to 237p per kg and £1518.66 for 608kg and 649kg entries from Nethermyres, respectively, to average 224p.

Heifers averaged 229p, from top prices of 248p twice – for a 530kg entry from Nethermyres and a 538kg lot from Mill of Inverarity. Top price per head was £1449.36 from Pityot.

Texels from Southtown topped the new season lambs selling to £115 per head while hoggs reached £104 for more of the same from Crossgates.

Top price amongst the 81 ewes was £103 again for Texels form Upper Tulloes.


United Auctions sold 1946 prime sheep which saw new season lambs sell to 233p per kg for 40kg Texel from Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsalmond and to £103.50 gross for 46kg Texels from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade.

Old season lambs sold to 232p per kg for 40kg Beltex from Home Farm, Aberlour and to £106 for 70kg Texel from Monlettie, Methlick.

Stirling UA

More than 3842 prime sheep were forward for United Auctions' weekly sale comprising of 475 new and 2853 old season lambs and 509 ewes and rams.

New season lambs averaged at 226.40p with old season levelling out at 177.80p.

Topping the sale at £128 was a new season Beltex lamb from Easter Ochtermuthill while top price per kg was 271p for a Texel from Gillbank.

Old season lambs peaked at £100 for a Beltex from Kilwinnet and a Suffolk reached 210p from Wardhead.

Braevalloch topped the ewes at £99 with a Texel, while rams peaked at £97 for a Texel from Montalt.

Stirling Cale

Some 233 prime cattle were forward for Caledonian Marts's sale comprising of 64 bullocks and heifers and 77 OTM.

Heifers were topped at 245p per kg for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn and to £1401 for a Limousin from J Watson, Candermains, Stonehouse.

Limousins topped the bullocks on two occasions at 235p from Learielaw and £1624 for a Charolais from Ferguson Bros, Gillandersland, Linlithgow.

OTM cattle levelled at 155p and peaked at 205p for a Limousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn and to £1400 for the same beast.

A strong show of 1156 lambs, hoggs, ewes and tups saw new season lamb averages rise 35.5p per kg on the week to 248.3p. Beltex lambs from HT Shanks, Easter Cash, Strathmiglo topped the trade £121 and 279p, while the 605 hoggs sold to £95 from A Dawson, Touchie and 198p from J McAlister, West Thomaston to level at 167p.


At Thainstone, Aberdeen and Northern Marts' sold 65 prime cattle where bullocks averaged 201.9p per kg and heifers at 210.2p.

Limousins topped the heifers, bullocks and young bulls, selling to 224p per kg and £1478.40 for a 660kg bullock from Leys Hotel, Kinellar.

Heifers sold to 230p for a 560kg Limousin from Stoneyhill, Keith-hall, and £1373.60 for a 680kg entry of the same breed from Home Farm Longhaven.

The 15 young bulls levelled at 130.2p having peaked at 157p for a 825kg Limousin from Coralhill, Lonmay, and £1351.45 for a 895kg Charolais from Mains of Drumwhindle, Ellon.

A steady trade was also seen at the firm's sale of 207 cows and bulls.

A 580kg Simmental from Mooness, Holm lead the beef cows at 194p while another of the same breed scaling 1085kg made £1510 for Langlanburn, Deskford, to produce an average of 139.9p.

Dairy cows levelled at 110.4p having peaked at 124.2p and £975 for a 785kg Friesian from 4 Sibster, Wick.

More than 2000 prime sheep and feeding ewes and rams were also forward and saw new season lambs average 208.2p whilst 1135 old season lambs averaged 189.6p with an SQQ of 198.1p.

New season lambs sold to 288.9p and £130 for 45kg pure Suffolks from Milltown of Birness, Ellon. Texels took top in the old season lambs selling to 222p from Loanend, Cushnie and £102 from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie.

The annual show and sale of Suffolk lambs in conjunction with the North East of Scotland Suffolk Sheep Club, judged by Richard Henderson, Woodhead Brothers, Turriff saw 40 pairs forward.

Overall champion was awarded to GL Stuart, Milltown of Birness, Ellon for a pair of 45kg pure-bred Suffolks realising £130 per head and 288.9p per kg.

Reserve was a pair of 44kg Suffolk crosses from W and D Moir Livestock, Newmill, Cairness, which peaked at £114 and 259.1p per kg.


Craig Wilson's prime sheep sale on Monday saw 187 spring lambs, 579 hoggs and 86 cast ewes forward, which saw new season lamb average 231.4p per kg selling to £114 for a Texel from J and R Semple, Netherton and 265p for Texels from John Barclay, Whinpark.

A smaller offering of ewes were topped at £131 for a Texel from J and E Paterson, Oxenshaw.

The seven prime cattle sold on Tuesday sold to 242p for a Limousin steer from David Smith, Deaconhill, which was shown at the YFC Rally and £1562.85 for another Rally steer from Rachel Templeton, Knowe Farm. The six steers averaged 215.6p and £1414.23.


Some 179 head of cattle were forward for Lawrie and Symington's prime sale, where heifers topped the trade at 258p per kg from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlee.

Bullocks peaked at 234p from Messrs Gray, Balquharrage.

A strong show of 109 prime lambs saw R Laird, Cambwell, top the sale at £122 and 265p per kg, to average 225p with an SQQ of 228p.

The 1216 hoggs was topped by Texels from W Steele, Over Kypeside at £99 and H Jackson, Boat at 228p per kg.

St Boswells

Bullocks averaged 208p per kg and heifers at 214p at Harrison and Hethington's weekly prime stock sale which saw 80 clean cattle, 48 cast cows, 263 lambs, 564 hoggs and 283 ewes forward.

Top price per head was £1482.08 from Longnewton or 224p per kg from Bee Edge.

A Beltex lead the way amongst the lambs at £114 from Faughill and a Texel from Lochside made 250p, to average at 216p.

The hogg trade which averaged 172p, sold to £113 from Roundabouts for a Texel and 205.7p from Headshaw for another of same breed.

Castle Douglas

Some 416 prime and cast sheep comprising of 49 spring lambs, 146 hoggs and 221 cast sheep were forward at Wallets Marts' weekly sale.

Spring lambs sold to £104 for Texels from High Borgue and 240.5p for Suffolks from Wheatcroft, to level 218p, whilst prime hoggs peaked at £101 for Texels from the same home and 205.5p for Cheviots from Nether Ernambrie.

A sharper trade for cast sheep saw a top price of £110.50 for Texel rams from Ingleston while ewes sold to £96.50 for Beltex from Torhouskie.


Charolais cross heifers led the way at Dingwall and Highland Marts prime sale on Tuesday selling at 216p from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall and £1390 from Crask Farm, Culbokie, to average 208.4p for eight.

Bullocks (4) levelled out at 213.5p and sold to 215p twice for 620kg and 565kg Salers crosses and £1356.80 for a 640kg Salers cross all from Rosebrae Farm, Elgin.

Also sold the same day were 289 prime sheep comprising of 25 new season lambs, 212 old season and 52 ewes and feeding sheep.

New season lambs sold to 222.9p per kg for Texel crosses from Docharty Farm, Dingwall and £100 for Suffolk crosses from Brae Edge Farm, Castletown and Lochdhu, Nairn, to average 210.2p.

Old season lambs averaged 187.2p having peaked at 215.7p per kg and £96 twice for Beltex crosses from Torgormack, Beauly and Texel crosses from Teanluick. The SQQ was 190.7p.