A 626kg heifer from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, lifted the champion honours at Caledonian Marts' annual show and sale of prime Limousin cattle at Stirling.

Judge James Nisbet, Sorn Mains, Ayrshire tapped out the champion which later went on to sell for the top price of 260p per kg to A Black and Sons, Butcher, Stirling.

Mr Dickinson also picked up the reserve honours with a 650kg bullock which realised 235p selling to Falkirk butcher, T Johnston.

Top price per head however was £1646 paid for a heifer from Todhall, Cupar.

Also forward were 69 OTM cattle, which averaged 129p, having sold to 159p for a Limousin from J and N Kerr, Bankhead and to £1380 for a Limousin from W Dick and Sons, Mains of Throsk.

Dairy cows levelled at 107p selling to 160p from A CM Nicholson, Claylands and to £1060 from J Brewster, Boclair.

Male OTM’s averaged 124p peaking at 162p for a Limousin from J Collier, Dullomuir and to £1350 for the same breed from Mayrock Farms, Meadows.

A steady trade was also seen for the 57 weaned calves and stirks which were topped at £410 for a British Blue bull calf from Claylands farm, Balfron. Dairy calves sold to £340 for a Montbeliarde from the same home.

LEADING awards

Prime bullocks – 1, Brockwoodlees; 2, Meadowend; 3, Todhall.

Heifers – 1, Brockwoodlees; 2, Brockwoodlees; 3, Balquharrage.

LEADING prices

Bullocks – Per kg – 240p Brockwoodlees; 238p Learielaw; 235p Dullomuir and Brockwoodlees; 230p Learielaw and Brockwoodlees; 228p Dullomuir and Balquharrage. Per head – £1527 Brockwoodlees; £1526 Brockwoodlees; £1491 Dullomuir; £1479 Moorfield; £1456 Ingleston; £1452 West Woodlane.

Heifers – Per kg – 248p Todhall; 238p Brockwoodlees; 235p Learielaw and Brockwoodlees; 232p Luckenburn, West Woodlane and Balquharrage; 230p Halket Leathes. Per head – £1646 Todhall; £1627 Brockwoodlees; £1530 Todhall; £1523 Brockwoodlees; £1452 Learielaw; £1447 West Woodlane; £1427 Mains of Cultmalundie.

Beef OTMs – Per head – £1320 Airthrey Kerse; £1290, £1270 Bankhead; £1230 Faskine; £1220 Dullomuir; £1170 Cretlevane. Per kg – 159p Mains of Throsk; 158p Bankhead;155p Airthrey Kerse; 154p East Kerse; 147p Bankhead.

Dairy cows – Per head – £1000 Claylands; £920 Claylands; £780 East Drumlemble; £760 (x2) Greenrigg and Carneil. Per kg – 147p Claylands; 125p Greenrigg; 115p Salterhill.

Calves – Beef bull – BB – £360, £350, £290 Claylands; £260 Boclair. Lim – £340 Glenhead and West Thomaston; £290, £280 Claylands. A-A – £300 Meikle Camoquhill

Bullocks – A-A – £170 Drumelzier.

Heifers – Lim – £330 Glenhead; £200 Ardgate; £190 Muirpark. BB – £250 Carneil; £240, £180 Boclair. Sim – £170 Ardgate.

Dairy bulls – Mont – £230, £210(x2), £200 Meikle Camoquhill. HF – £100 Sgriob-Ruadh; £90 Boclair.