Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has been closely monitoring the situation following the cases of swine dysentery which have been confirmed in the north-east of Scotland.

The source of the infection has yet to be fully established and QMS is reminding everyone involved in the Scottish pig industry of the content of the Scottish Pig Health Charter and the importance of the industry working together to immediately take action if symptoms of the disease are observed.

“It is important that the spirit of the charter is observed to ensure the rapid communication which is so important to maximise the opportunity to contain any disease spread,” said Alan Clarke, chief executive of QMS.

Anyone who sees any symptoms which suggest the disease could be present should immediately contact their vet and the Scottish Pig Disease Control Centre on 01466 705247.

Pig farmers, and others operating businesses in the pig industry, are being reminded to take immediate precautions to minimise the risk of infectious material coming onto their farms.

“This bacteria is spread by physical contact so the big risks are incoming pigs, vehicles, people and equipment. Make sure you have ample disinfectant and consider increasing strength in cold weather,” said Mr Clarke.