Well-known former Scottish shearing champion, Colin MacGregor, was presented with the National Sheep Association Scotland's prestigious Silver Salver at Highland Sheep, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry.

Mr MacGregor who farms on the banks of Loch Earn, retired from a 20-year stint as a shearing manager for the British Wool Marketing Board where he played a major role in training, developing and progressing the shearing skills of both the young and more senior generation.

A former winner of the Scottish National Shearing competition, he first started shearing some 45 years ago and has since clipped sheep throughout Scotland where he had his own run, and Norway. He also represented Scotland in the World Shearing Championships competition in Australia.

"Colin is a very deserving winner of this award and has had an impact on thousands of young men and women under his tutelage," said John Fyall, former NSA Scotland chairman, in presenting the award.

"He would never seek recognition but his contribution is immeasurable and I'm in no doubt that UK shearing is far better for it. We would like to thank Colin for a career dedicated to the sheep industry," added Mr Fyall.

LEADING awards

Breed societies – 1, Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association; 2, North Country Cheviot Society; 3, Jacob Sheep Society

Indoor trade stands – 1, Harbro; 2, Quality Meat Scotland; 3, SRUC

Outdoor trade stands – 1, Allans of Gillock; 2, Gow Agriculture; 3, Robertsons of Orkney.

NSA Next Generation Shepherd of the Year – 1= Farquhar Renwick, Lochbroom, Ullapool and Amy Jo Reid, Dundurcas Farmhouse, Rothes, Moray; 3, Catherine Pringle, Ledlation Farm, Kinross; 4, Sine Soszhu, Fearn Farm, Tain; 5, James Scott, Fearn Farm, Tain; 6, Kelsey Keith, Durness, Sutherland. Best under 21 – Sine Soszhu. Sheepdog handling element – 1, Kelsey Keith; 2, Farquhar Renwick; 3, Sine Soszhu.

Invitational sheepdog trial – 1, Michael Shearer, Lythmore, Westfield, Thurso, Caithness with Roy (2014 World Sheep Dog trial champion); 2, David Murray with Alt; 3, John MacKillop with Ben; 4, Billy Morrison with Nell; 5, Kenny Bremner with Gwen; 6, Ian MacDonald with Zoe.

Young handler – 1, Joe Mackenzie with Tweedie; 2, Farquhar Renwick with Fly; 3, Muir Grant with Reba; 4, Kelsey Keith with Sky; 5, Freddie Fulford with Pip.

Team – 1, Aberdeen; 2, Ross and Western Isles; 3, Inverness; 4, Caithness; 5, Sutherland; 6, Shetland.

Stockjudging – Open – 1= Sandy McCarthy, Longoe Farm, Mey, Thurso, Caithness (277 points out of a possible 300) and Ronald Wilkie, Tillyboy, Echt, Aberdeenshire (277); 3= Jamie Halbert (260); Aimee Begg (260) and Gordon Levack (260).

YFC – 1, Tommy Linklater, Orkney (272 points out of a possible 300); 2, Julia Slater (259); 3, Graham Low, Orkney (255).