Milk yields may be returning to more historically normal levels, if the figures from AHDB Dairy are anything to go by.

Since November, last year, milk production has been breaking records, with estimated average daily milk yields up by as much as 8% on the year, compared to the average annual increase of nearer 1.5%. However, the rate of growth has been falling in recent months.

In March, average daily milk yields were up 1.7litres per cow (7.9%) on last year. This growth was nevertheless amplified as extreme weather resulted in disruption to collections last year.

While the annual growth rate is still high in historical terms, since March, growth has been falling month-on-month.

Yields in April and May were up 7.5% and 4.4% respectively. For the first two weeks of June, yields have averaged 23.4 litres per head per day – 4.2% more than the same period last year.

Looking to the future, AHDB believes the strong growth in yields seen throughout the winter months is unlikely to be maintained, as the inclusion of concentrates in diet is reduced in favour of forage. As a result, the levy board expects yields to return to more normal levels later in the year.