Isotope testing is to take place from large retailers to local butchers in a bid to stamp out the practice of mis-selling imported pork as British.

Until recently routine isotope testing of pork products, which claim to be British, has been limited to the large retailers.

But now levy-board AHDB is to extend pork testing to include local butchers.

The move is being welcomed by an industry which places huge value on the premium it receives for its high standards of production.

Isotope testing identifies where an animal was raised, so can easily spot where imported pork products are being mis-sold as British.

“Retailers and butchers across the country are championing British pork and we need to protect these businesses," said Angela Christison, AHDB’s pork strategy director.

“We all have a part to play in retaining consumer confidence and trust around our food. Extending the reach of this robust science will help protect the integrity of the British pig industry.”

If tests reveal that meat being sold as British does not originate from Britain, appropriate authorities can take action to address the situation.

It follows recent industry anger after it transpired that a 'Great British' pork snack brand was using imported ingredients.