Averages: Six stock ewes, £3080; 21 ewe lambs, £2445; 26 ram lambs, £507; 11 wedder lambs, £296.

A packed ringside from start to finish for the Beatties Valais Blacknose export sale, ensured a flying trade throughout with a 100% clearance for the 70 lots forward.

Demand was fierce for all lots with prices peaking at 3600gns, paid by UK Valais breeder and livestock consultant Steve Jones, who was purchasing for an export contract. This was paid for an aged imported stock ewe. She was one of five on Mr Jones’ shopping list, who went on to fork out 3100gns, 2900gns, 2800gns and 2300gns for pen mates.

Glen Blacklock travelled from Dumfries to buy several females including the first lot to come under the hammer, an imported stock ewe at 2900gns.

Trade for ewe lambs was also a flyer with established and new breeders keen to invest. Top price here was 2800gns paid by Rebecca McAlister, Newry, who handpicked several ewe lambs and a tup lamb to run with them.

Ram lambs chalked up an average of £507 for 26 sold, with two lots selling at 700 guineas each.

LEADING prices

Aged ewes – 3600gns, 3100gns, 2900gns, 2800gns to Steve Jones; 2900gns to Glen Blacklock.

Ewe lambs – 2800gns (x3), 2700gns, 2600gns to Rebecca McAlister, Newry; 2800gns Barry Maybin, Kells; 2700gns to Declan Rodgers, Donegal; 2600gns, 2500gns to Jim Logan, Portugal; 2600gns Lisa Taylor Ballymoney.

Ram lambs – 700gns to Glen Blacklock, Dumfries; 700gns to Rebecca McAlister Newry; 650gns to Sarah Jane Gibson, Co Wicklow; 650gns to Brian Matthews, Tullamore.