Border Fine Art figurines have seen a rise and fall in values over the years, but rarer and limited edition models certainly proved their worth at a collective evening sale of 140 models.

The sale in Kirriemuir, conducted by Pentland Livestock attracted buyers from all over the UK with models selling as far South as Herefordshire, Northern Ireland and all over Scotland.

Top price at £1650 went to The Threshing Mill Border Fine Art figurine

LEADING prices

Border Fine Art fingures – £1650, The Threshing Mill; £900, Bowser Vintage Petrol Pump; £750, Bringing in the Harvest; £700, 20 acres a day; £580, Tea break; £550, Building Britain; £500, Best at Highland show; £440, Where there's Muck there's Money; £440, Twice Under; £370, The Crossing; £360, Hay Turning; £350, Under the Hammer (Char X); £340, Under the Hammer (BB X); £330, Tipping Turnips; £320, The last Bout; £320, A tight Turn; £320, Hitching Up; £310, Hauling Out; £300, Autumn Glory; £300, Flat Refusal; £300, Beltex ewe and lambs; £280, Highland Majesty; £280, At the Vintage; £280, Stout Hearts; £260, Team Work; £260, No way Through; £250, Frontiers of Farming; £240, BB cow and calf; £240, Clean Sweep, Gold; £240, Dark granite curling stones (engraved jbd); £220, Hay Bogie, gold, signed by Ray Ayres Nov '03.