Newton Stewart

A steady trade was met throughout at Craig Wilson's sale of 645 prime and cast sheep. Prime lambs sold to an average of 173.7p selling to 182.5p for Texel's from R Oxley, Barholm Mains and £85 twice for more of the same breed from Messrs Galloway, Cunoag and Suffolks from J Cannon, Clauchrie.

Texel crosses topped the ewes at £88 from R Paterson, Kiltersan.


An increased trade was seen at Penrith and District farmers' marts sale of 2781 prime sheep comprising of 1214 lambs and 1567 cast ewes and rams, producing an SQQ average of 188p.

Beltex lambs from WH Brass, Low Row topped the sale at 220p whilst cast ewes peaked at £140 for Texel ewes from EJ Ivinson and son, Skelling.


Limousins from the Gask topped Lawrie and Symington's sale of 18 prime cattle and two cows. Bullocks sold to 236p and £1423.08 whilst heifers peaked at 246p and £1402.20.

Also forward were 648 prime sheep, cast ewes and rams, where trade peaked at £101 for Texel ewes from Kirkton of Kingoldrum. Prime lambs sold to 204.4p and £92 for the same breed from Uras, Stonehaven, to level at 170.1p.


Mitchells Livestock centre sold 42 cattle at their weekly sale of prime stock, comprising of 29 cull cattle and 13 prime bulls.

Prime bulls sold to 188.5p for a Limousin from RJ and AY Armstrong, Terrace, Lorton and £1200.33 for the same breed from TA Byers, Ellenbank, Boltongate.

Limousins from Messrs Miller, Arkleby Hall, Arkleby led the way in the cast cows at 140.5p and £993.34.

Also forward were 1643 prime sheep including 1032 lambs and 611 cast ewes and rams.

Lambs produced an overall average of 189p, where trade peaked at 234.80p for a 46kg Texel Lamb from Messers Cottam, Wardwarrow, Holmrook and £116 for more of the same breed from G Gate, Hollins.


Some 1621 prime lambs were forward for United Auctions weekly sale, where trade peaked at 218p for a Blue Texel from North Retennach, Rothiemay. Per head was topped at £100 for a 53kg Suffolk from Lynegar, Watten.

Stirling (Cale)

All classes met a buoyant demand at Caledonian marts' sale of 187 cattle comprising of 75 prime bullocks, heifers and young bulls and 112 OTM cattle.

Limousins topped the bullocks on two occasions at 238p firstly from D Dickinson, Brockwoodless, Canonbie and DS and RD Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill and £1472 from JR Hunter, Luckemburn, Slamannan.

Heifers sold to 232p again on two occasions from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and A S Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore and £1491 again from Brockwoodlees.

Also forward were 1939 prime lambs, cast ewes and tups, where trade peaked at 219p for a Beltex from D Nicol, Auchtenny, Forgandenny and £100 for more of the same breed from Doune Farms, West Lundie.


A smaller number of entries, of just 32 prime cattle were forward for Aberdeen and Northern marts weekly sale.

Limousins topped the heifers at 221p from Stoneyhill, Keith-Hall and £1304.10 from Waterside, Forbes, to average 200.9. Whilst bullocks peaked at 211p for again the same breed from Whiteside, Tullynessle and £1339.20 for a Charolais from Nether Mains, Torphins.

Also forward were 1234 prime sheep and feeding ewes and rams which sold to £145 for Texel ewes from Skelbister, Orphir.

New season lambs peaked at 194.2p for more of the same breed from Nether Tillymauld, New Byth and £100 for Beltex's from Mid Lurg, Midmar.


Some 8832 sheep were forward for C and D auction marts' weekly sale comprising of 3293 prime lambs and 5539 cast ewes and rams.

Prime lambs sold to average 189.9p and an SQQ of 190.4p. The sale topped at 284p for a Texel lamb from James Lambe, Wallend Farm, Greenhead and £132 for the same breed from Tom Hall, Baggarah, Low Row.

Included in the sale was the Annual Prize Show and Sale for young handlers, where Tom Hall, Baggarah, Brampton was awarded the overall champion for a Texel lamb which sold to £132. Reserve champion was for more of the same breed from Jayk Foster, Allfornaught, Waterbeck, and realised £108.


Lawrie and Symington had 117 cattle forward comprising of 38 prime bullocks and heifers, three young bulls and 76 cast cows and bulls.

Limousin heifer sold to 252p from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and £1442 for a Charolais bullock from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall farm, Cupar.

Also forward were 2691 lambs and 2203 cast ewes and rams.

The sale topped at £110 and 250p for Texels from R and M Struthers, Collielaw, to produce an overall average of 177p and an SQQ of 178p.


More than 3700 sheep were forward at Craig Wilson's weekly sale comprising of 1119 cast ewes and tups and 2593 prime lambs.

Top price of the day was £94.50 for Texel lambs from A J McFarlane, Daldowie and 197.9p for Beltex from James Shennan and Sons, Knockgerran, to level at 176p and an SQQ of 177.6p.

The ewes peaked at £121 for a Texel ewe from J McFarlane, Daldowie. More of the same breed from the same home topped the cast tups selling to £103.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock selling to 228p for heifers from Bee Edge. Heifers and bullocks averaged 211p and 205p respectively.

Also forward were 1576 lambs and 351 ewes, which sold to £112 for Beltex lambs from Belmont and 225p for Texel's from Huntington, to level at 185.8p.

Ewes peaked at £105 for Suffolk from Elwartlaw to produce an average of £64.


Some 17 prime cattle were forward for Dingwall and Highland marts' sale where bullocks and heifers averaged 199.3p and 198.5p respectively.

Bullocks sold to 200p and £1340 for a 670kg Limousin cross from Ashley, North Kessock. Charolais crosses topped the heifers at 206p and £1283.45 both from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall.

Also forward were 747 prime sheep where new season lambs produced an average of 169.9 and an SQQ of 170p. Beltex cross lambs sold to 194.3p and £85.50 from Lower Geanies, Fearn.


Texel's led the way at Hawes farmers auction marts' sale of 505 sheep comprising of 879 prime lambs and 627 cast ewes and rams. Prime lambs sold to £91.50 for Texel's from SM Elphick .


Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock where a large show of 450 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle were forward along with and increased entry of 3227 prime and cast sheep.

Top overall on the day was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown, Lockerbie achieving £1659.53 and 223.5p for more of the same breed from DA Harrison, Hill House, Wigton.

Heifers peaked at £1435.18 for a British Blue cross from DA Harrison, Hill House Farm, Wigton.

Along in the sheep, the sale averaged 187.2p and an SQQ of 190.1p. Topping the sale was a Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Little, The Hollands, Penton selling to £110.80 and 277p to A Dawson.


All classes met a buoyant demand at Hope's auctioneers sale of 24 prime cattle.

Top price went to a Limousin bullock from J Dixon and Son, Lessonhall selling to £1514.

The same home also topped the heifers at £1477.98 for the same breed.

Also forward were 1027 prime lambs which produced an overall average of 211p.

Joint top price was £125 from J and J Hall, Inglewood Edge and A and JM Trafford, Bassenthwaite Hall Farm. Messrs Trafford also topped

the pence per kg at 317.9p.