Cattle were heavier than last year and met a realistic trade at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' anniversary show and sale of store cattle at Caithness Livestock Centre, where a 571kg Limousin cross heifer from Andrew Campbell, Bullenie, Halkirk, secured the overall championship and sold for the top price of £2000.

Judge Gavin Ross of Wardhead, Strichen, awarded the championship to an October, 2017-born heifer bred by Gavin and Jenna Greenlaw of Balgairn Farms, Ballater. She was bought from Gary Morrison, Bush of Muldearie, Keith, at the Young Farmers’ overwintering competition at Thainstone in March, and sold for £2000 to JMM MacBeath, Folly Farm, Murkle, Thurso.

The reserve, a 17-month-old, home-bred British Blue cross bullock weighing 541kg from Dave Kennedy, Whitegate, Tresdale, Canisbay, made £1180 to the judge.

Outwith the show, 445 bullocks sold to average 191.4p from a top price of 221p for a pen of nine 405kg Charolais crosses from Tongside, Scotscalder and £1260 for a 612kg Limousin from Brae Edge, Castletown.

Heifers (493) peaked at 239.5p and £1250 for a 522kg Limousin cross from Murza, Bower. They averaged 189.7p.

LEADING prices

Bullocks – Up to 400kg – Greenvale Dunnet £815, 203.7p; 401-450kg: Lower Milton Wick £910, Lynton Cottage 217.4p; 451-500kg: Whitegate, Tresdale £1010, 5 West Murkle, Thurso 207p; 501-550kg: Whitegate, Tresdale £1180, 218.1p; 551-600kg: Brae Edge, Castletown £1160, 202.8p; 601-650kg: Lynegar Watten £1175, Brae Edge 205.9p; 651-700kg: Lynegar Watten £1255, Thirdpart Watten 187.2p.

Heifers – Up to 400kg – Whitegate Tresdale £835, 213.6p; 401-450kg: Greenvale £965, 221.8p; 451-500kg: Tresdale Canisbay £1060, 215p; 501-550kg: 5 West Murkle £1140, 208p; 551-600kg: Thura Mains, Bower £1125, Achalone Croft, Halkirk 195.3p; 651-700kg: Achalone Croft £1215, 178.7p.