A flying trade for Beltex and Texel cross rams and females from James and Thomas Whiteford, Tercrosset, Brampton, saw prices peak at 3200gns for a Texel shearling ram, while females sold to 650gns.

The sale at Carlisle, saw 143 rams change hands to average £836 per head (-£19 on the year for seven more sold). Sale leader was a Texel ram by a home-bred sire going back to a Garngour sire, purchased by Messrs Roots of Dumfries.

Beltex rams sold to 2200gns for a shearling again by a home-bred ram which was by the 10,000gns Airyolland Nailer. He was knocked down to Messrs Hird, Kirkby Stephen.

A pen of four pure Texels, by a 5500gns Dunohw-bred ram topped the gimmers at 650gns selling to Perthshire producer, Neil Nunphy. Ewe lambs peaked at 300gns on two occasions – for a pen of three Beltex by Ardstewart Coyote, purchased by H Wood, Preston, and a pen of three Texels by a Brijon ram, bought by Pilkington Farmers, Buxton. In all, 159 gimmers averaged £341.54 (+£40.54) with 163 ewe lambs at £175.35 (+£15.35).

LEADING prices

Shearling rams – Tex –l 3200gns, 1800gns, 1500gns, 1200gns (x2), 1100gns, 1000gns (x2). Belt – 2200gns, 1400gns, 1300gns, 1200 (x2), 1000gns (x4).

Gimmers – Texe – 650gns, 520gns, 500gns, 420gns, 400gns (x2), 390gns, 320gns (x2), 300gns (x2). Belt – 600gns, 400gns, 350gns, 320gns (x3), 310gns, 300gns (x3). Dut Tex – 400gns. Blue Tex – 340gns, 300gns. D Spotted – 200gns.

Ewe lambs – Belt – 300gns, 280gns, 220gns, 180gns, 160gns, 150gns (x2). Tex – 300gns, 250gns, 200gns, 190gns, 180gns, 170gns, 150gns. D Spotted – 200gns. Blue Tex –190gns, 160gns.

Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.