Trade peaked at 3900gns at the McKay family's dispersal of the Lowmalzie Holstein herd, from Broughton Mains, Sorbie, to produce an overall average of £1502 for 368 head.

The herd, which is managed by Andrew McKay, and sold at Carlisle, saw no fewer than 60 animals sell for £2000 or more, with the sale leader being the young cow, Lowmalzie Bron Darky. She is sired by Ladys-Manor Graf La-Bron, out of the Ex90 SP cow, Lowmalzie Matson Darky and was chapped down to James McNeil buying for the Cairnpat herd from Lochans, Stranraer. A grand-daughter of the Ex93-2E SP LP80 cow, Lowmalzie Reece Darky 2, this second calver sold served early August to Claynook Country.

The same buyer also went to 2200gns for an un-registered second calver by Buitenlust Dries which sold served to Progenesis Mission.

Topping the milking heifers at 3500gns was Lowmalzie Novo Holly, a Progenesis Novo daughter that went home with Andrew Swale, Tottleworth, Blackburn. Champion heifer at Stranraer Show, this VG88-classified entry is out of the VG88 SP LP50 Lowmalzie Topshot Holly. Calved late May, she sold AI'd to Westcoast Lighthouse.

Next best at 3000gns was a Picston Shottle heifer, bred from the Ex90 Lowmalzie Mammoth Kirsty. Lowmalzie Shottle Kirsty 2 GP81, is at the end of her first lactation and sold due in December again to Lighthouse to near neighbours, the Walker family from Whauphill, Newton Stewart.

Hew Howie, Kirkcolm, Stranraer, forked out 2600gns for the April-calved heifer, Lowmalzie Novo Darky. Another by Progenesis Novo, but out of the Ex91 Lowmalzie Gerard Darky, she sold served to Westcoast Alcove.

Two lots came under the hammer for 2400gns including the GP81 SP cow, Lowmalzie Dorcy Gloriette, a third calver by Coyne-Farms Dorcy, bred from the VG85 SP LP50 cow Lowmalzie Jeeves Gloriette. She sold served to Toc-Farm Fitz.

Matching that bid was the in-calf three-year-old, Lowmalzie Corinthian Snowhite, a Ballycairn Supersire Corinthian daughter out of the home-bred VG85 (2yr) Destry Snowhite. She headed home with Gatherer, Cumnock, Ayrshire.

Heading down to Lancashire on 2250gns was Lowmalzie Fantasmic Betty GP82, a second calver by De-Su Fantasmic, purchased by Messrs Oldfield, Newsholme, Gisburn, Clitheroe. She is bred from a home-bred GP81 SP cow and sold served to Toc-Farm Fitz.

Another three lots sold for 2200gns to include the three-year-old, Lowmalzie Dorcy Alana, a second calver purchased by Lanarkshire breeders, Messrs Halley, Lanark. She is a daughter of Coyne-farms Dorcy, out of the home-bred G76 SP Pello Alana and changed hands AI'd to Westcoast Neptune.

Near neighbours, Messrs Vance, Whauphill, Newton Stewart, went to the same money for Lowmalzie Corinthian Darkie, a daughter of Ballycairn Supersire Corinthian, that sold served Westcoast Alcove.

The last of the 2200gns bids came for the calved heifer Lowmalzie Doorman Marie ET, bred from the GP82 SP cow, Denmire Envious Marie and sired by Val-Bisson Doorman. She sold due to Claynook DiscJockey.


Calved heifers – 2150gns – Lowmalzie Saloon Sunray, to Messrs Austin, New Abbey, Dumfries. 2100gns – Lowmalzie Lavaman Audrey, to Messrs McCulloch, Ardwell, Stranraer

Second calvers – 2100gns – Badenheath Deborah 38, to Messrs Carmichael, Dalrymple, Ayr; Lowmalzie Castro Holly GP83 to Messrs Agnew, Kirkcolm, Stranraer; Lowmalzie Dries Lass, to Messrs Halley, Lanark; Lowmalzie Momentum JE, to Messrs Gatherer, Cumnock.

In-calf heifers – 2100gns – Lowmalzie Atticus Berry, to Messrs Walker, Whauphill.

averages: 235 cows in milk, £1433.13; 87 heifers in milk, £1689.17; 17 Ayrshire cows in milk, £1356.71; 27 in-calf heifers, £1601.05.

Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.