Aberdeen and Northern Mart, at Thainstone, held the sale of 1582 weaned calves, store cattle and six young calves, alongside the show and sale of weaned and suckled calves, which was judged by Ian Wainwright, Todhall Farm, Cupar who found his champion in a 10-month-old Limousin cross heifer from RS Duncan, Achdregnie, Glenlivet, weighing in at 462kg. She was later knocked down at £1460 to G Morrison, Inchbruich, Cornhill.

Reserve honours was awarded to a 13-month-old 474kg Limousin cross heifer from J Stuart, Belnoe, Ballindalloch, which later sold at £1420, also heading home with G Morrison.

Weaned bullock calves (335) averaged 213.7p and sold to 256.8p per kg for a 366kg Limousin from Fodderletter, Tomintoul and topping at £1180 for a 584kg Charolais from Govals, Forfar.

Weaned heifer calves (200) cashed in at 210.2p, selling to 320.2p per kg and £1300 for a 406kg Limousin from Achdregnie, Glenlivet.

Bullocks (664) levelled out at 194p and peaked at 239.4p per kg for a 426kg Charolais from Braefoot, Shapinsay and peaking at £1240 for 620kg Aberdeen Angus from Lower Crook, Crudie.

Heifers (380) balanced out at 194.4p and sold to 231.9p per kg for a pen of four 470kg Charolais from Headiton, Bonnykelly and £1150 for a 606kg Charolais from Wester Coull, Tarland, with young calves (six) topping to a price of £490.

LEADING prices

Weaned bullock calves – Up to 350kg – Achdregnie £860, 247.1p. 351-400kg – Whitehouse, Lumphanan £980; West Cairnhill, Culsalmond 252.8p. 401-450kg – Auchorachan, Glenlivet £1050; Achdregnie 251.2p. 451-500kg – Campdalmpore, Tomintoul £1120; Achdregnie 231.8p. 501-550kg – Shenval, Ballindalloch £1125; Wester Coull 212.1p. 551-600kg – Wester Coull £1140, 205p.

Weaned heifer calves – Up to 300kg – Fodderletter £690, 230p. 301-350kg – Fodderletter £710, 217.9p. 351-400kg – Achdregnie £1090, 283.9p. 401-450kg – Achdregnie £1100, 259.5p. 451-500kg – Belnoe £1070, 230.6p. 501-550kg – Shenval £1180, 227.5p.

Bullocks – Up to 350kg – Bogs of Kininmonth £700, 203.5p. 351-400kg – Damside, Castleton £980, 235.4p. 401-450kg – Braefoot £1020; Hammer, Dounby 223p. 451-500kg – Broadgreens, Turriff £1080, 222.2p. 501-550kg - Braebuster, Deerness £1150; Braefoot 222.7p. 551-600kg – Midtown of Haddo, Inverkeithy £1190; Malt Croft 198.6p. 601-650kg – Malt Croft £1190, Lower Crook 200p.

Heifers – Up to 350kg – North Keiss, Keiss £740, 211.4p. 351-400kg – Pitenkerrie £860, 226.3p. 401-450kg – Strath, Watten £950, 216.1p. 451-500kg – Headiton £1130 230.5p. 501-550kg – Headiton £1125, Braebuster 212.9p. 551-600kg – Headiton £1145, 203.6p. 601-650kg – Wester Coull £1150.