The last of the Swaledale tup sales at Hawes, again attracted an abundance of buyers and spectators where top prices of £65,000 and £35,000 were achieved.

Add to that a further 13 five-figure sales and average over the two days levelled at £2035 for 424 – up by almost £500 on the year but for 18 fewer sold, with buyers again looking for strong, correct tups with good mouths and confirmation.

Brothers Paul and Mark Ewbank who farm at High Draymans and Intake Farm, respectively, enjoyed a cracking sale despite an early calling, with both selling on the first day.

Paul took the reserve championship and also produced the sale leader at £65,000, which sold in a three-way split to Richard Harker, Grayrigg Hall; Richard Hargreaves, Meadow Bank and Craig Ridley, Haltcliffe. Their purchase is by a £16,000 Richard Harker sire bought here in 2016 that also bred last year's champion that made £12,000 for the 450-strong High Draymans flock. The dam, a home-bred ewe, is by Mossdale Interceptor.

Paul also took £19,000 for a son of a £3000 Dent and Dixon tup bought here in 2017, out of ewe by the old Grayrigg Hall tup that has done exceptionally well for them. He sold in another three-way split to WA Dinsdale, Harkerside, R Hird, Shepherds Lodge and R Hird, Gillfield.

Brother Mark sold alongside Paul with his pen leader making £22,000 seller. He had the same bloodlines as the second High Draymans tup, being sired by the £3000 Dent and Dixon ram, out of a good Grayrigg ewe. He was knocked down to Mark Ireland, Stackhow Hall.

The intake pen also attracted a £12,000 bid from Geoff and Carol Marwood for a son of the Richard Harker ram. With such a start to the sale it wasn’t an easy pen to follow!

Second top price was £35,000 paid later on the first day for the best from Paul and Sue Hallam, ably helped by Robbie and Megan, from High Birkwith selling their first registered by the £60,000 Helbeck Unique – the champion here in 2017. Fourth at the pre-sale show, he is out of a ewe by the home-bred Icon tup and was knocked down to Richard Hutchinson, Redgate, with High Birkwith retaining a share.

The champion on the first day, Brownber Quest, another son of the £60,000 Helbeck Unique from Thomas Brogden, Helbeck, made £30,000. He is out of a ewe by a Hareden tup, and sold to Robert Wear, Howe Green; Peter Lightfoot, Gillside and David Allinson, West Briscoe, with Thomas keeping a 10-ewe share.

Trade wasn’t as strong on the second day, with the commercial end especially hit. It was nevertheless a good day for the Dents of Naby, when their Naby Silver caught the eye of several top breeders, selling at £30,000 to the two Ewbank brothers and Richard Tennant. Another by the £5000 Richard Harker – a tup that bred the £35,000 Naby ram sold at Kirkby the previous week – he is out of a ewe by a Cronkley sire.

A brace of tups hit £20,000, with the first of these early on the Wednesday from the Redgate flock of Richard Hutchinson. A son of Bull and Cave ram bought with WA Dinsdale privately when he got injured two years ago, he is out of a ewe by the Eric Coates tup they used for a number of years. He sold in a two-way split to Martin and Stuart Sunter, Nova and Messrs Cloughton, Browna Paddocks.

The second to hit £20,000 was a tup from the Harker's Punchard flock from Arkengarthdale, which was ravaged by flash floods earlier in the summer. Punchard Magic, is by the £20,000 Lawson tup bought two years ago and sold to Graham and Emma Pears, who run around 500 pure ewes in their flock from Sheffield.

All but last in on the first day was RM Dixon's Garnthwaite consignment shown by son Andrew, which saw the hammer drop at £19,000 for the best, a son of £30,000 Lightfoot tup bought back in 2015, sell to Richard Tiplady, Andrew Harrison and Alan Bainbridge.

Matching that price was the best for the Kisdon flock of MM and CL Whitehead from the heart of Swaledale, who sold Kisdon Oh Boy, a son of the £86,000 Stonesdale, sell to CR Raine and Son, Stanhope Gate and Messrs Hutchinson, Valley.

The small breeders' champion on the first day from G and DA Allison, Mill Lane House, made £10,000 to J and JE Bradley, Penny Grange, with the reserve winner on the second day from M and S Sunter, Nova, making the same money to Stanhope Gate.

LEADING prices

Wednesday – P Ewbank, £65,000, £19,000, £7000, £4500; P Hallam, £35,000; TS Brogden, £30,000; MR Ewbank, £22,000, £12,000, £2800; WM Hutchinson and Son, £20,000; AM Dixon, £19,000; RS Harker and Son, £16,000, £2600; CT Akrigg, £13,000; G and DA Allison, £10,000; GL and ME Hutton, £6500; F and MP Allinson and Son, £6000, £6000, £6000, £4000, £3500; BJ Thomas, £6000; A and J Harrison, £6000; J Nelson and Son, £5500; JG Brunton, £5000; JH Pedley, £5000; CR and MJ Birbeck, £4400; Haltcliffe, £4200; W Richardson and Son, £4000, £3000; RS and BA Harker, £4000, £4000, £2600; GJ and JM Scarr, £3800, £2200; JA Alderson, £3600, £2400; RT Tennant, £3500, £3400, £2400; M Hallam, £2200; R Walton, £2200.

Thursday – JW Dent and Sons, £30,000, £8500, £8000, £7000, £2800; G Harker and Son, £20,000; MM and CL Whitehead, £19,000; J Sunter and Son, £10,000; D Falkowska, £9000. JM and S Tennant, £9000, £4000; J and SJ Bland, £9000; MR and LE Rukin, £7500; JW Porter and Sons, £7100, £5500, £5200; R Hutchinson and Son, £6600, £4500; JR Rukin, £6000; JR Bainbridge, £5000; J Dixon and Sons, £5000; JT Dixon and Son, £4800; W Nattrass, £4000; G Calvert and Sons, £4000, £4000, £2700; Messrs Lawson, £3000; TW Hutchinson, £2800; JR Walton and Son, £2800; CJ and AJ Owen, £2500; D and EM and ID Brown, £2800.