TUP FEVER sagged a bit at Lanark's second sale of Blackfaces on Hallowe'en when 72 shearling rams averaged £253.61, down £39.77 for 11 fewer while 22 ram lambs levelled at £985.44 (-£15.85 for one fewer).

The sale was topped by a ram lamb (in the video) from John Harkin, Loughash, selling at £5000 to Ewen MacMillan, Lurg. He's a twin out of a ewe that Loughash bought from Lurg for 3400gns at this year’s female sale and he was by an £80,000 Auldhouseburn.

Next top was Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, when a lamb by the £160,000 Elmscleugh and out of a £50,000 Crossflatt mother, sold for £4200 to S Leitch, NI. Another out of the pen, by the same sire, made £2200 to Thomas Muirhead and Andy Woodburn, Netherwood.

Topping the shearlings at £2600 were the Ramsays, from Milnmark, with a son of a £16,000 Dyke out of a £12,000 Gass mother selling to Robert McIntosh, from Borthwickshiels.

(Full report and pictures in next week's edition, out on Friday, November 8). Video by Ian Latimer